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Knights in the Nightmare Part #30 - Scene The Yearning Souls

In Udaipur, she had her own family, Singhanias and Goenkas, and she loved every person. What happened in this two years that this chirpy girl has now become silent. She prefers cutting the noise out. She prefers paying no attention. She prefers her solitude. People, noise, music was long forgotten, what she desired was silence. Complete, unbreakable Silence.

Was this silence her peace?

Stratovarius - Soul Of A Vagabond

Probably not, but when she was enveloped in her sheath of silence, she could forget it all. A small reminder of past, was capable to shake her up, she gave in to those traitor tears.

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And tried to re-sheath herself into silence. He was full of love. He always found an outlet for his love. Anyone could have been the long lost friend of Kartik Goenka, knowing him only for past 5 minutes. Such was the love that was filled in the guy, bubbling to be spilled. He then finally found the love he wanted. He was addicted to it. It was his lifeline.

This drug motivated him to do better, he was good always, but he was driven to be better because of this drug. He tried to get the high from substances, from running music, from thrill of speeding car, from the adrenaline of loosing life. It would have been easier if there were hate. Hate is an easy emotion, you try your best to destroy other. Here they were trying their best to destroy themselves.

Here they were trying to destroy self so that, the heart that still beats for another could stop.

Twin Flame Stages – Yearning For “The One”

The heartbeat which sang the tunes of other, would just shut up, she cut that music with silence, he cut it with Noise. In one moment, it was told that love was above all, the softening of steely eyes, the longing of emotionless one, visible. View all posts by khushidaily. Like Liked by 1 person.

Like Like. Each of them requires and invites Christian leaders to engage in serious adaptive work rooted in practices of traditioned innovation in order to respond to and, ideally, even get ahead of them. More recently, though, we have identified another deep trend, one that resonates profoundly with the convictions and practices that Christian leaders and Christian institutions ought to treasure: a hunger to rediscover wisdom about human nature and what cultivates human flourishing.

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But as advances astonish us, we have become more and more depressed about whether technology and robotics will dominate our lives and make us increasingly completely? What next? For there are irreducibly significant human capacities that are integral to flourishing human life. Relationships are crucial for 21st-century leadership.

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Colvin points to the military and medicine, two arenas where reliance on technology is perhaps strongest, to show just how critical are capacities such as empathy and teamwork. The greater the technological advances, the more acutely we realize the importance of human capacities.

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Such a focus sits in our wheelhouse. The digital revolution, a multimodal world, economic stresses on institutions, the lure of cities -- all of these trends require daunting shifts of mindsets for many Christian institutions and their leaders. But now we have a deep trend that resonates with our primary purpose: nourishing capacities for people to lead from and to and with the souls of others. Or at least what our purpose should be.

We ought to have wonderful nourishment available in a culture where souls have been starved. Yet too many Christian institutions have developed habits so focused on fear and survival that we have diminished our own capacities for nourishing the soul. In so doing, we have forgotten key insights that could lead others, and other institutions, to focus on human flourishing.

The first is the centrality of educational formation that focuses on our whole selves: our thinking as well as our feeling, our perceptions as well as our actions. We need ways of learning and living that emphasize the moral significance of friendships, especially holy friendships , that develop in us the capacities for empathy, teamwork, storytelling and collaborative approaches to discovering innovative solutions to "wicked" problems.

We need 21st-century versions of what Marc J. Christians offer two additional, fundamental insights about human flourishing. The third is that we need to attend to both human capacities and human sinfulness. Colvin notes at varying points in passing our human propensity for narcissism and other destructive behaviors, and he emphasizes that there is an essential human nature.