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This past week, I have engaged in many moments of deep reflection.

Whispers Of The Soul

I find that endings and beginnings in life are great reminders of the power of reflection. There is much to ponder in life and reflecting on my inward most thoughts can truly bring me perspective. There are many forms of reflection, but some of my favorite reflections take on the shape of a poem.

My "New Year" reflection poem began with nature at the workbench. At first, I marveled at the sky and made note of it in a single line. My thoughts quickly turned to reflections of my feelings about the end and beginning of a year. During the revision of this poem, I decided to work in some personification and rhyme. I also broke the original three stanza poem up a bit as well. It just seemed right! Happy writing and reflecting to all of you in ! Clouds sweep away all my worries and strife.

New Year gives new breath and fresh life. Sun will set, leaving me without a single regret. Future is on the rise, my dreams, a rainbow of hope. And yet, the unexpected surprise of life is what I love best. Reflection can be a vital process for writers. Reflection can help us contemplate our thoughts and consider all aspects of our thinking. I think one of the best things about reflection is that it can happen anytime and anywhere. For me, reflection happens quite naturally when I am surrounded by the sounds of nature. Where and when do you find reflection most beneficial for you?

Try spending some time reflecting on your hopes and goals for yourself this year in your most natural reflection spot. May it lead you to many new and unexpected surprises in your writing this year! I am so grateful to be back with this amazing community of poets!

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It feels so wonderful to be writing for myself again. For some time, much of my writing has been the academic kind. Now that I have completed my master's degree program, I can give myself fully to my writing life.

Cantata for high voice and piano (or eight instrumentalists)

I can return to my pen and notebook. I may be a bit rusty, but I believe writing is the kind of thing that comes back to you with ease. Like a beloved song or some fond memory from childhood, it's always there. It always waits, and it always takes us back whenever we are ready to return. For me, nature is a sturdy workbench for my writing. I will make time and listen, to hear the words that it may speak. Whatever your workbench may be, my hope is that you return to it again and again.

It will be there, ready to help you accomplish the work of your heart. I'm so glad you stopped by! Last Friday, I had so much fun visiting all the writers in Mrs. Rodriguez's fourth grade dual language class. I had the opportunity to share my process and my published poem for the Poetry Friday roundup. It was an amazing experience to be with these young writers.

Their questions were so insightful, and I learned so much from each of them. One student even offered me a seed poem idea. It was a wonderful invitation! I happily accepted his seed poem idea. The result is this haiku about the very interesting Red-eyed Tree Frog. I want to send a huge thank you to the students of Mrs. Rodriguez's class for welcoming me into their workshop with such enthusiasm for writing!

For this seed poem idea, I did a little research on the Red-eyed Tree Frog.

Whisper Melodies[Poetry]

I didn't know much about this fascinating creature, so I had to do a bit of research on this topic. Writers are researchers at times. It helps them collect around their subject or topic. Next, I made the decision to try a haiku using some of the research I gathered. One of the great features of the haiku form is the freedom it provides from structure and form. For example, a haiku doesn't have to rhyme, and usually it doesn't. Another great aspect of the haiku is that punctuation and capitalization are used only if the poet decides to incorporate these conventions.

For writers who like to follow the general rule, the standard haiku follows a syllable pattern. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. You may choose to experiment with creating a traditional haiku or a variation, such as a Tanka or a Lune. Just start with any topic of interest, like I did. You'll have lots of fun with this short but sweet form of poetry!

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Snap a pic, write a poem! I'm back in the round up this week with a poem inspired by a pic of one of my favorite flowers, the F our o' clock. Thanks for stopping by the ridge to read it, and for more poetry goodies, head over to Jone's space HERE! One of my favorite things to do is to walk about the ridge, admiring all of nature's gifts. There are always poems hiding about in the images around me. Just the other day, I was walking about when my nose caught the scent of the most glorious smell. I knew I had to capture this splendid image while I had the chance.

You see, Four o' clocks open at four and remain open throughout the night and into the morning. They only bloom once before they wilt and fall off the plant. So of course, I had to snap a pic and write a poem to honor these short blooming beauties! I studied my photo of the Four o' clocks and zoomed in on every tiny detail I noticed. I asked myself, What do I notice? Then, I wrote everything out in my notebook. Finally, I reread my entry with my poet's eye and found this poem blooming there!

Whispers from the Ridge - Blog

Four o' clocks blooming on the ridge photo by Kiesha Shepard. Snap a picture of something you like, wonder about, or notice. If you don't have access to a camera, snap a mental image in your mind. Study your picture and zoom into every detail of the image. What do you notice? What does the image "say" to you? Talk it out with a friend.

Whispers of the Soul

Describe it from the inside out. Then, write it out in your notebook. You can bet, there's a poem hiding in each pic you take! Thanks for visiting the ridge this week. For more of the poetry party, head over to Carol's space Beyond LiteracyLink. Over Labor Day weekend, I took some time to walk about the ridge. I enjoy observing all the gifts that the natural world has to offer!

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Our observations can surprise us and wonder us. Having a notebook brimming full of observations can inspire so much writing! Writers are observers of the world around them.