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The contraceptive mentality has undermined marital trust, generosity, self-denial and love and has played a major role in the epidemic of selfishness described in the new book, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in an Age of Entitlement.

This selfishness driven by the contraceptive mentality has weakened Catholic fatherhood with men no longer having the faith to raise a family of four and five children. In the young, growing up without a father contributes to serious problems with excessive anger in the home, school and community, poor academic performance, sexual acting-out, difficulties in trusting, substance abuse and depressive and anxiety disorders.

FFG: Clinically, how do you deal with someone who shows anger, hostility or some other negative emotions regarding his father? Fitzgibbons: We encourage people to try to see first the goodness in their fathers and to be loyal to that goodness.

Relationship to God the father

Also, a man cannot harbor resentment toward his father and have healthy male confidence because every man has modeled after his father. In addition, unresolved anger with a father increases the likelihood of repeating his weaknesses but not his strengths. FFG: On a non-clinical basis, for the average guy, how would you advise someone to deal with negative attitude toward father?

For example, some younger fathers have discussed with their fathers how disappointed they are with them for giving into cafeteria Catholicism. At the same time it can be beneficial to ask a father for forgiveness for times when one may have hurt him.

Fitzgibbons: The crisis in fatherhood, particularly in the children of divorce, has led to severe problems in our culture. That is why the Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to divorce as a plague.


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New pastoral programs are needed in the Church to help Catholic men in their roles as fathers so that they can protect the sacrament of marriage, families, children and strengthen other men as St. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Our spiritual lives need nurturing and we often need guidance from someone whose walk is more advanced than ours and someone who has been a student of the Word longer.

Such a person can become a spiritual parent and lead us to great understanding of the Bible and even into a closer walk with the Lord. But what happens when the pure relationship with a spiritual parent gets tarnished? Ethel James shares her account of spiritual abuses, but she does something more: She lets the reader know that the reader is not alone, if she or he too has experienced abuse at the hands of a spiritual parent. The topic, often taboo in church circles, touches many lives.

The Father Wound Epidemic | Fathers for Good

Whether you have been harmed sexually, emotionally, spiritually, or financially by spiritual parent abuse, you can recover. You can grow stronger in Christ. Learn how.

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The Father Wound Epidemic

She will earn her doctorate in Biblical Counseling in May Prophetess James is a mentor to little girls, teenagers, young adults, and mature women. Prophetess James is a mother and grandmother. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review.

How I Finally Healed my Father Wounds.

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