Guide What is Indigenous Knowledge?: Voices from the Academy (Indigenous Knowledge and Schooling)

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Science education in nonwestern cultures: Towards a theory of collateral learning. Kincheloe Eds. Johannes, R. Johannes Ed. Kim, E. Traditional ecological knowledge in science education and its integration in Grades 7 and 8 Canadian science curriculum documents. Kimmerer, R. Weaving traditional ecological knowledge into biological education: A call to action.

KKB193 Indigenous Knowledge: Research Ethics & Protocols

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NWU Indigenous Knowledge Course - Short Documentary

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Reid, A. Valuing and utilizing TEK: Tensions in the context of educational and the environment. Environmental Education Research , 10 2 , — Reis, G. TEK talk: So what? Article Purchase - Online Checkout.

Indigenous knowledge: Research ethics

Issue Purchase - Online Checkout. People also read Article. Published online: 6 Sep Jane P. Published online: 22 Jan Eve Tuck et al. Environmental Education Research Volume 20, - Issue 1. Published online: 5 Feb Published online: 21 Sep Download preview PDF.

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CRC Press Online - Series: Indigenous Knowledge and Schooling

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What is Indigenous Knowledge?: Voices from the Academy Indigenous Knowledge and Schooling

Hall and D. Rosenberg Eds. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Davids, N.

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  7. March 30, Traditional cures hold seeds of hope. The Sunday Times , p. Davis, S.

    Promoting the development of indigenous peoples in Latin America. The World Bank Group , 1—5. Dei, G. Dei, D.