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If you don't marry her, Minnesotans everywhere will be disappointed lol.

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She didn't make it personally but her dad runs a custom neon business and had him make it! He can do just about anything you ask beer signs, team logos, etc. Check him out at Climax Custom Neon! My next sign is going to be a purple and grey Viking head! Thanks Skol Nation for the upvotes! I did not expect this awesome response and as I try to get back to everyone with where this was done, I figured I could just leave the info in this comment! If you check them out on FB, you will see that he not only does awesome Vikings signs, but any and all custom orders as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message as I clearly have a pretty good connection with him! Does he ship to other states? I live in an apartment across from a packers bar in Portland Oregon and would like to have something like that in my window so they see that when they walk out of the bar after losing against us.

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My girlfriend's dad runs a custom neon company and had him make it. He does awesome work and can create just about anything! If you shoot him an email, he will definitely hook you up! I think he would have a new business in this sub.

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Making these signs. Really wasn't the intention of the post but sure seemed to be a good promotional one! This is fucking awesome I never thought the state of MN shape as a k but it makes perfekt senkse. This fluid leaks from the vagina each day to remove old cells and debris, keeping the vagina and reproductive tract clean and healthy.

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The amount of vaginal discharge can vary significantly from person to person. The color, consistency, and amount can also change from day to day, depending on where a person is in their menstrual cycle:. The shade of red can vary from bright to a dark rust color. Red discharge is most commonly the result of bleeding during a period. Menstrual bleeding happens, on average, around every 28 days, though the normal range between 21 and 35 days. A period typically lasts for 3—5 days.

Anyone who experiences bleeding between menstrual periods should see a doctor. Though there are many benign causes of intermenstrual bleeding, it can sometimes signal a serious condition.

Anyone who has gone through menopause and not had a period for at least 1 year should see a doctor if they experience vaginal bleeding. It can sometimes be a sign of endometrial cancer. The shade of white can extend to include cream or light yellow. If a person has no other symptoms, white discharge is most likely a sign of healthy lubrication. However, if the white discharge has a consistency like cottage cheese or is accompanied by a strong odor, it can indicate an infection. An individual should see a doctor.

White, thick, strong-smelling discharge is usually associated with a yeast infection, which can also cause itching or irritation.

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  • If the discharge has a very slight yellow hue, it may not indicate a problem. This is especially likely if the hue only coincides with a change in diet or dietary supplements. Discharge that is a darker shade of yellow, yellowish-green, or green usually signals a bacterial or sexually transmitted infection. See a doctor promptly if vaginal discharge is thick or clumpy, or it has a foul odor. Pink discharge most commonly occurs with spotting before a period. However, it can also be a sign of implantation bleeding in early pregnancy.

    Some people experience a little bit of spotting after ovulation, which can also cause pink discharge. Discharge can be pink after sexual intercourse if the sex has caused small tears or irritation in the vagina or cervix. Most ordinary vaginal discharge is clear or whitish.

    Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon | WE ALL BLEED RED FUNDRAISER!

    It may be slippery or have the consistency of egg whites. A person is likely to experience more clear, slippery discharge just before ovulation, during sexual arousal, and during pregnancy. Gray vaginal discharge is not healthy, and it can be a symptom of a common bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis BV. Anyone with gray discharge should promptly see a doctor. Following diagnosis, the doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics to treat the BV.

    See a doctor if vaginal discharge has an unusual smell or appearance. A person should also seek medical care if they experience vaginal symptoms such as:. The doctor will perform a pelvic exam. They may also need to take a sample of discharge for testing.

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    In most people, infections or hormonal imbalances are responsible for unusual changes in vaginal discharge. Medication may be necessary. A person should see a doctor if they notice irregular changes in vaginal discharge or other symptoms that might indicate a reproductive health issue.