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Marcel Pagnol was also the author of two of the loveliest films to ever come out of France in Jean de Florette and then Manon des Sources. A book to read, and two films to watch.. Bonne lecture tout le monde. Merci beaucoup pour ce liste des livres. Je suis un fou! Thank you all — I now have a reading list for life. How about: Balzac, La Pere Goriot.

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Regine Deforge, La Bicyclette Bleu. Bonjour Geraldine, et merci. That way there was only few words I HAD to look up, and expanded my vocabulary a lot;. Merci pour toute votre suggestion. Have a very nice day Ana. Hello Nadia You could try Amazon. I live in France and use both Amazon.

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UK and Amazon. Hi Nadia, you might also try Abebooks. Bonne lecteur. I read to the last page then turned straight back to the first page and read the whole thing again! It is a thick book but a quick read.

I like anything by Marc Levy or Guillaume Musso for modern life stories often with a little psychological twist. They are both very easy to read. One day in French class our teacher asked us if we had any French authors we enjoyed. Les romans de Driss Chraibi et Albert Memmi. Aussi, le travail moins connu de Camus. Utterly engrossing and not difficult. I agree about Tatiana de Rosnay. Very beautiful.

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Bon amusement! I love this! A top tip for people learning any language is to read eBooks so that they can easily check the definition of unknown words or mark them up for later Merci pour ces recommandations, Geraldine…et bonne idee, Adele! Enroll in in my free lesson course that has helped thousands like you 2x their Everyday French in 10 days!

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After logging in you can close it and return to this page. French Books I Recommend. June 30, Download this Lesson as a PDF.

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Join the conversation! Tu me diras ce que tu en penses. Non, je ne sais pas. Merci bien! Bonjour Alma, Le prix des livres est fixe en France. Hi- do you have any easy to read book recommendations for a HS girl in 2nd year French? Merci beaucoup Geraldine for your wonderful blog, and this post on books in particular! Je vous conseille! La vie devant soi de Gary Romain. Have a very nice day Ana Ana. Merci de recommender Driss Chraibi, Cynthia.

Double Your Frenchness. Mais, comme M. Pilon, M. Dupouy fit un Horace. Et il est bien plus vieux Romain que Virgile. Un autre livre de M. Saint-Pol fut un camp romain. Dumas, que dis-je? Influence toute superficielle. Le Benjamin Constant de M. Comme M. Quelques-unes sourient.

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Des pays plats, couverts de brousse, sous un climat torride. Pour M. Elle profite de toutes les occasions favorables. Pas de triomphe foudroyant.

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Comme on le voit, M. Robert Vallery-Radot. Ses titres ne sont pas moins forts. Edouard Peisson. Mais avec M. Alphonse Gaillard, auteur de Mon beau Jura. Je terminerai par deux prix assez importants. Pierre Pascal.