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It is a squabble-free trip where you are your own boss. You do not have to worry about bickering matches with siblings, parents leading the way or friends pressuring you into trying trendy things. When travelling in any big city, you need to be wary of pickpockets and muggers. This is why while packing up your suitcase you should:. You will often bump into friendly strangers on your walks around the block.

There is no harm in befriending them but be wary of who you trust and how much you tell them. This is also about follow your instinct: solo travelling also teaches you to trust your gut!

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This can help you to interact with locals, to make friends or in case you need any help. This is a good tip for any solo traveler, but as a female, there are some words that can be useful to get what we need, for e.

Now is the cheapest time to book a trip to Argentina

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Water volume? Sheer volume? We put the Apr 27, Your people are actually everywhere: the most Youtube star and pro blogger Nadine Sykora knows a thing or two about travel.

A sporting event can be a haven of knowledge for travellers, no matter the size of Mar 02, The 15 most spectacular glaciers to visit Some of the most picturesque glaciers on planet Earth may be available for a Jan 27, All parrilla, no filler: the 7 best steaks in Some of the bars that make up this underground scene have no address. You have to Aug 02, 3 places to watch, hear and dance tango in The best way to get to know Buenos Aires and its residents, known as portenos, is See the monumental, icy beauty of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Admire the elegant buildings, squares and boulevards of Buenos Aires. Hike to Laguna Torre to see the majestic spire of Cerro Torre.

Why should I travel to the Galapagos when I can go to the Caribbean for half the price?

At a glance. Capital city: Buenos Aires population 3 million Population: Best time to visit Argentina. Food and drink. Asado With Spanish origins, asado describes succulent barbequed meat, slow-cooked on a metal frame over an open fire or a bed of hardwood charcoal. Provoleta Soft provolone cheese is grilled in a skillet and topped with oregano, chilli flakes or other herbs. Chimmichurri A piquant combination of diced garlic, chopped parsley and oregano, olive oil and vinegar, this classic Argentinean condiment is the quintessential accompaniment to grilled meat.

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Helado Argentineans take ice cream seriously. Dulce de leche Condensed milk is slowly reduced and sweetened to create a thick, sticky caramel. Culture and customs. If you befriend someone, expect a farewell hug and greeting hug thereafter. Expect to be late. Being late for social or cultural events is almost fashionable in Argentina but it can be an annoyance for travellers. Siesta time is still common, particularly in provinces such as Mendoza, San Juan, Salta. Shops may close from 1pm to 4pm and reopen until around pm. Dinner with locals can be very, very late.

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Argentina Travel Guide

Having dinner at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm is perfectly normal and accepted in Argentina, but can cause a few rumbling tummies with travellers. The best thing to do is keep some snacks with you and try and fall into the local pattern. Nightlife is well and truly nightlife. The dress code at religious sites is quite relaxed and no one will get in trouble for attending mass in t-shirt, shorts and thongs. However, closed shoes and trousers are preferred. Swimwear is a big no-no and it can be very offensive to the locals.

Geography and environment. Top picks. Top 5 Tango Spots of Argentina 1. Confiteria Ideal Be charmed by the grand building, old waiters, genuine tango classes and shows that this Buenos Aires institution has been producing for more than years. Barrancas de Belgrano On the weekends, head to this leafy park at dusk to see unpretentious locals tango as the sun sets. Plaza Dorrego This relaxed San Telmo favourite is a top spot for alfresco people-watching, tango viewing, wine drinking and socialising. La Catedral For a slice of old Argentina, head to this bewitching warehouse of kitsch where you can learn the art of tango with locals amid walls of old posters and a giant glowing, red heart.

Caminito Purists may dismiss La Boca's showy street performers as 'tacky tangoists' but the colourful streets, flamboyant moves and suave outfits do have a bit of flair and provide quintessential Buenos Aires photo ops. Things to buy in Argentina: Leather goods Leather goods are normally top of the shopping list for every traveller to Argentina — and rightly so! Mate cup set A popular tourist shop item, cups may be sold on their own with a straw, or as a set with loose-leaf mate as well. Festivals and events. Carnaval or Carnival Huge crowds turn up ready to have a good time for carnival celebrations in cities across Argentina.

Health and safety. We recommend that all travellers check with their government or national travel advisory organisation for the latest information before departure: From Australia? From New Zealand? Somewhere up there, in that thin air, I began to cry without really understanding why. I would have been more heartbroken coming down out of that pass had the Calingasta Valley not been so beautiful. Dappled sunlight leaked through poplar trees full of birdsong. Away to the west stood the great ramparts of the Andes.

Prominent among them was the colossal snow peak of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas. Just over 30 years ago, an Inca mummy wrapped in Andean textiles was discovered near its summit. For those who left him there, he was an angel.

From Buenos Aires to the Chilean Coast: A Road Trip Across South America

I know so little about angels, but all morning in Barreal I could not take my eyes off that mountain. Some of the driving days on this journey may be long—up to 10 hours—but the hotels are some of the delights of this trip; they are atmospheric boutique properties and all richly stylish. In the wilds of Catamarca, this sprawling estancia, devoted to olive orchards and horses, adheres to the area's traditional style—adobe and wood, sweeping vistas, and hearty meals. When you are the only guests at this glamorous ranch house as you may well be , you can imagine yourself a scion of one of the region's settler families.

There's a pool with a view of the cordillera and a large living room where you can settle in for an evening by the fire. In this heady cross between a Moroccan casbah and a Patagonian estate, adobe is the key. The fluid curves of the earth-toned walls are set off by thatch, stone, aged woods, and Andean textiles. With only a handful of suites, Wara is nonetheless spacious and rambling, turned inward to intimate courtyards and cool jazz soundtracks; to cozy hearths, deep sofas, and crackling fires.

I could have stayed for weeks, as did Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche, and the director Patricia Riggen, while filming Los 33, about the trapped Chilean miners. At night, candles flicker in glass globes as a chef does wonderful things in a camp kitchen, while fairy lights bring magic to tents laid out with rich carpets and wall hangings. In a village beyond the city of La Serena, past an orchard and an old adobe church, you fall suddenly through a mysterious gateway onto the grounds of a lavish, clubby hotel.

Owned by a wealthy developer, Casa Molle has a fine-art collection, a golf course, and a glowing firepit for aperitivi of Chilean wines and local delicacies. Villas are all a few steps from a gorgeous pool and cactus gardens with secret terraces and sweeping lawns. The breakfasts here, of granola, eggs, and superb coffee, are among the best in South America.

Barreal is an oasis of birdsong and shadows after the rigors of the mountain and desert, and Los Patos is its smartest property. The reception room reels in guests with sofas and books, chests and reclaimed tables, mountain glimpses and woven textiles. The cottages are all about elegant simplicity—a framed antique map, a poncho on a hook—with views of the great snowy summit of Mercedario. Will be used in accordance with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Share via facebook dialog. Share via Pinterest. Road trips mean untold adventures, wide-screen wilderness, and striking out alone. On a dramatic ride from Argentina to Chile, Stanley Stewart traces the continent's highest peaks, reaching the coast at a smartly unplugged new camp. Share via Twitter. Share via Email. Mountains in Atacama, Chile. Sea lions on Chile's Pacific coast.