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This text systematically explores and explodes the myths that sustain this bloated, secretive, corrupt and reckless business. Presenting a wide array of data, analysis of deals, and country case studies, we explain how and why the arguments made to defend the defense sector are flawed, both factually and logically. Indefensible forms the core of Project Indefensible, an online resource for members of the public and activists to better educate themselves about the corruptive impact of the global arms business and how it uses myths to deflect criticism.

By educating themselves, the public can counter these myths and create political systems that scrutinize the industry, increase security and benefit public wellbeing.

We aim stimulate a new conversation and to spur new campaigns to counter the most dangerous aspects of the business. As the project grows, we will continue to add new educational content, updates about campaigns and how you can get involved, and research that unearths new dimensions of the global business.

In order to stimulate this conversation, LUST approached the design and implementation of the website as a critical tool for collaborative reading and writing—offering speculations on scalable reading experiences between all target audiences, situations, and locations centered on the thematics of the Indefensible text.

In literary anthropological research, the relationship to a literary text can become an interesting point for the continued interpretation of culture and the way culture is weighted. Using similar recursive methodologies, a codex of data or millions of points of entry that supports multiple research questions and interests can be developed.

The contextual search provides the reader with an ability to generate an alternate compilation of a text from their own search terms. The occurrence of these terms is reflected in the n-gram; a graph that visualizes their frequency within flow of the original text. This re-interpretation creates an new narrative structure and approach to literary reading.

Download e-book The White Slave: and the Russian Prince V3

This opens discussion on audience-generated interpretation and linearity in media as a critical media-making tool. Focus Mode Focus mode provides a method of engaging with literary media under time constraints. While skimming through a piece by scrolling quickly, the key passages become apparent to the reader in contrast to the remainder of the text.

This allows readers to engage with core passages without them being decontextualized, as with the traditional pull quote.

These sections are integrated within the text non-hierarchically to activate only in situations where a reader is scrolling quickly. The creation of reader annotations is generative of a parallel narrative to the original text. The audience is invited to engage with the content by taking notes and reacting alongside the original.

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As their own set of annotations is compiled, the annotations take on their own form as a piece of literary media. As the original text and annotations exist laterally, they come together to produce an new and anthropologically-rich reading. Each unique session of annotations produces a sharable link, where the reader can invite others to collaborate in session of annotating. This way of reading, note-taking, and reflection is a facilitator critical engagement and discussion.

These sessions invite multiple narratives to exist in dialogue with text, generating multiple readings of the literature. Social sharing allows one to share their session or portions of the reading onto social media. This launches a re-contextualization of the text onto new platforms of community phenomena to result in discourse and meaning-making within larger cultural spheres.

Indispensable Remedy: The Broad Scope of the Constitution’s Impeachment Power

The visual index is a miniaturization of the text, providing an overview of the text for navigational purposes. This is an immaterial method of way-finding within long texts—analogous to the pages in a printed book. As an index to the content, it gives context for the content readers interact with, as well as a means to reinterpretation of reading through navigation.

A South African-born and London-based historian, researcher, writer and activist. He regularly publishes on issues related to corruption, governance and democratic practice in South Africa, including The Arms Deal in Your Pocket and Who Rules South Africa which were national best-sellers. His major investigative work to date was the book The Devil in the Detail: How the Arms Deal Changed Everything , which collated the result of years of detailed investigation into South Africa's biggest post-apartheid scandal.

Paul has appeared regularly on South African and international news platforms discussing issues related to corruption and its impact on development and democratisation in developing countries. She has published on issues related to the — war in Bosnia, mass atrocities and genocide, and how museums can engage on human rights issues. She previously worked as Research Director for the U.

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Holocaust Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience, where she led the Museum's research and projects on contemporary threats of genocide, including curating an exhibition, From Memory to Action: Meeting the Challenge of Genocide Today. He has set up two independent human rights organizations, African Rights and Justice Africa , focusing respectively on documenting human rights abuses and developing policies to respond to human rights crises, notably in Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan.

He was on the list of Foreign Policy's most influential public intellectuals in and Atlantic Monthly's 27 "brave thinkers" in She is a graduate of Macalester College and originally from the Chicago area. An applied economist, his main area of research is the economics of peace, security and military spending. Andrew was named by AVOV as one of the most influential poplin the world working against armed violence.

William D. Paul's research focuses on the arms trade and peace and security, with a particular focus on the Arms Trade Treaty, multilateral sanctions and measures to address arms trafficking and diversion. Nicholas Marsh works at the Peace Research Institute Oslo PRIO where he researches the international trade in small arms and light weapons, the relationship between war or criminal violence and the acquisition of weapons, arms trafficking, norms concerning arms transfers, and laws and regulations governing the arms trade.

He runs a database project on the global trade in small arms and light weapons, has written tens of publications on the arms trade, and has directly participated in numerous civil society and diplomatic attempts to govern and control the arms trade.

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He has also been a Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England, with a focus on the field of defence and peace economics. Hennie Van Vuuren works on issues of secrecy, access to information and corruption. He is a Senior Research Associate, at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in South Africa currently focussing on accountability for economic crimes during political transitions.

During her time here she has led on advocacy and communications, and prior to that was the civil society officer leading on work with the TI chapters and other NGOs worldwide, as well as contributing to the Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index GI. Safra Center for Ethics, where she worked on research into institutional corruption in the defence sectors of states transitioning to democracy. This project was made possible by the World Peace Foundation.

For more information email: worldpeacefoundation tufts. A place where people can thrive, learn and play — and a part of what makes Adelaide a city designed for life. Use MyAdelaide to share your experiences. Click here to read more. When Donald Trump took over the White House, the writers of political satire Veep threw up their hands and called it quits.

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  • Innovation and Finance (Routledge/Lisbon Civic Forum Studies in Innovation).
  • TRUST, Amazing Little Secrets.

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