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Solomon Meredith: November 25, — July 1, wounded at Gettysburg. The Iron Brigade lost its all-Western status on July 16, , following its crippling losses at Gettysburg, when the th Pennsylvania was incorporated into it. However, the brigade that succeeded it, which included the survivors of the Iron Brigade, was commanded by:. William W. Robinson of the 7th Wisconsin : July 1, — March 25, Brig.

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Robinson : May 6, — June 7, Brig. Edward S. Bragg 6th Wisconsin : June 7, — February 10, Col. John A.

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Kellogg 6th Wisconsin : February 28, — April 27, Col. Henry A.

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Morrow 24th Michigan : April 27, — June 5, In June , the units of the surviving brigade were separated and reassigned to the Army of the Tennessee. The brigade took pride in its designation, "1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps", under which it played a prominent role in the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg , July 1, It repulsed the first Confederate offensive through Herbst's Woods, capturing much of Brig.

James J. Archer 's brigade, and Archer himself.

The 6th Wisconsin along with men of the brigade guard are remembered for their famous charge on an unfinished railroad cut north and west of the town, where they captured the flag of the 2nd Mississippi and took hundreds of Confederate prisoners. The Iron Brigade, proportionately, suffered the most casualties of any brigade in the Civil War. The last surviving member of the Iron Brigade, Josiah E. Cass of Eau Claire, Wisconsin , died on 2 December of a fractured hip suffered in a fall.

He was years old. The Iron Brigade prepared for battle, at Gettysburg , by anchoring the Union Army's southern flank, — a. Death of General John F. Reynolds as he supervised the deployment of the Iron Brigade early on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. The uniform of the Iron brigade differed some what to the standard uniform of the Union army at the time. It was designed to be more of a dress uniform that resembled a suit rather than the more common infantry men's kit. It consisted of:. A brass eagle badge on the side used to hold the brim up in a slouch, and finally an ostrich feather plume.

Union Frock coat. Fitted with a single breasted row of 9 brass buttons, each with the federal eagle on them. The cuffs and collars had light blue trimming. And 2 smaller brass buttons on the cuffs.

Civil War - Union Army "Irish Brigade" - A Short History

The inside of the coat was also lined with cotton to make a better fit. The trouser extended from the mid waist down to the ankles and had a pocket on either side. White canvas gaiter: white canvas leggings with leather straps to prevent stones and dirt getting into the shoes whilst in the field.

All other equipment not mentioned is simply the standard field equipment of the Union army consisting of canteens, belts, cartridge box, Bayonet and scabbard, haversack and other various items of kit. There have been other brigades known by the same name. This unit was the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, I Corps, prior to Meredith's brigade getting that designation.

Although this Iron Brigade of the East served in the same infantry division as the Iron Brigade of the West, press attention focused primarily on the latter. Most of the Eastern regiments were mustered out before the Battle of Gettysburg , where the remaining Eastern Iron Brigade Regiments and the Iron Brigade of the West arguably achieved their greatest fame.

The Confederate Iron Brigade was part of the division, commanded by Brig. Joseph O. Sterling Price 's Missouri Expedition, in The 2nd Brigade of the U.

Civil War Records: Basic Research Sources

The unit crest was an Iron Cross in a triangle, it appears that that was also changed. Its unit crest is similar to the medals issued to veterans of the both Western and the Eastern Iron Brigades of the Army of the Potomac. Not to be confused with the famous "Iron Brigade" of the Civil War, the 57th Field Artillery Brigade is also known as the "Iron Brigade," a nickname traditionally given to crack artillery units in the Civil War. It was during World War I that the 57th Field Artillery Brigade earned its nickname as it spent many hours at the front and fired more artillery rounds than any brigade in the American Army.

It was formed with units from the states of Wisconsin and Michigan.

American Civil War Manuscript Collections | The State Historical Society of Missouri

The division was briefly called up during the Berlin Crisis in In , the division was deactivated and reconstituted the 32nd Infantry Brigade of the Wisconsin Army National Guard only to be reorganized in as the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team. The shoulder sleeve insignia currently worn is a red line shot through with a red arrow, giving them the nickname Red Arrow Brigade , which was earned in World War I where the 32nd Division was fighting the Germans alongside the French, who noted the unit's tenacity by punching through the German lines, like an arrow and calling the unit Les Terribles , meaning The Terrors.

The line is known for its size, strength, and dedication to the protection of the backfield. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Iron Brigade Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Adsit, James. Letters, Letters addressed to his wife, in which he complains of his poor health and afflictions from various diseases while encamped in Virginia. On e of the letters describes his wound received in the battle at Antietam, Maryland.

Also included are two letters to his wife informing her of his death. Backus, Clarence Walworth. Bliss, Jerome. Diary, - Excerpts only. Transcribed and donated by Mr. Robert Youker. Cady, Rush P. Letters of Rush P. This is a collection of 90 items including letters written either by or to Lieut. Rush P. Cady during his service with the 97th New York Infantry Regiment.

Chamberlain, Henry H. Henry H. Chamberlain papers. Primarily letters written by Chamberlain to Mary Jane Field of Bridgeport, Connecticut, whom he married in Includes detailed letters to her written while he was serving with the New York Volunteers 97th Infantry Division and a diary kept from to recording his participation in the battles of Pollocks Mill Creek, Va.

Also, letters with detailed descriptions of his capture at Gettysburg, his internment at Libby Prison in Richmond, and his subsequent escape and return to action. Infantry on the Texas frontier, include colorful descriptions of military life along the Texas border. Other letters include one written by Chamberlain to his mother; one by Captain Charles F. Dibble to his niece Mary Field with a postage stamp ; and a few to Chamberlain from friends and relatives.

Papers include a marriage certificate, commissions, discharge and pension papers of Anson B. Field probably Mary's brother , a quit claim deed, and probate documents.

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