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Democracy in Southeast Asia has been explained us… More. Many states appear to have strong sentiment on en… More. Shelve Energy Security in Asia and Eurasia. This book investigates the politics of identity i… More. During the last twenty years, burgeoning transnat… More. From the s onwards, a tide of democratization… More. The social sciences have been heavily influenced… More. The question of whether China and India can coope… More. The Sino-Russian relationship has experienced sev… More. Since , when the current wave of democratisat… More. Although there is no universally accepted definit… More.

The purpose of this volume is to highlight the im… More. This book analyses collaboration in the Greater M… More. Given the impressive growth in East Asia after Wo… More. Energy is crucial to the functioning of any human… More. Across East Asia, intra-regional migration is mor… More. The notion of a 'politics of religion' refers to… More. This book seeks document urban experiences of dis… More.

The Dynamics of Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Asia

Over three decades have passed since the first wa… More. Ever since China and Vietnam resumed diplomatic c… More. Over the last two decades, Singapore has undergon… More. Millions of children around the world are affecte… More.

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The twentieth century has been labelled the centu… More. Asia and Latin America by J. This book analyses the economic, political and so… More. Shelve Asia and Latin America. This volume explores how migration is playing a c… More. The rise of postmodern theories and pluralist thi… More. Soft power has tended to be overlooked in the fie… More. Asia has undergone strong economic growth since t… More. Shelve Regional Minorities and Development in Asia.

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Over the past fifteen years Northeast Asia has wi… More. In an era of rapid and extensive globalisation, t… More. The image of China in western press in An agenda-setting study. The current status of media convergence in Europe and the U. New media research at a crossroads: Predicaments and solutions.

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Asian Communication Research, 7 3 , The state of new media technology research in China: A review and critique. Asian Journal of Communication, 19 1 , Examining user behavioral response to SMS ads: Implications for the evolution of the mobile phone as a bona-fide medium. Third-person effects of health news: Exposure, third-person effects and behavioral intentions.

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Communication Research, 34 6 , The effects of playing violent videogames on Chinese adolescents.

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  • The high-tech cell phone as self phone: Social identity and goal attainment in individual cell phone dependency. Asian Communication Research, 3 1 , Third-person effects of political attack ads in the presidential election. Media Psychology, 9 2 , Lifestyles and new media: Adoption and use of wireless communication technology in China.

    Routledge Contemporary Asia series by Georg Wiessala

    Perceptual differences in assessing the harms of patronizing adult entertainment clubs. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 18 4 , Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 12 1 , Staying connected while on the move: Cell phone use and social connectedness. Exposure to Internet pornography and Taiwanese adolescents' sexual attitudes and behavior.

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    International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 11 1 , Uneven global development of the Internet: A cross-national study. World Communication, 28 4 , Blurring private and public behavior in public places: Policy challenges in the use and improper use of the cell phone. Seeking news via the pager: A value-expectancy study. Who are the mobile phone have-nots? Influences and consequences.