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And none that run on too long, which is a nice feat. Also the scene of the train screeching to a halt, with this long zooming in until Bimbo stands front and center, is really well-done. The Fleischer cartoons get some respect for technological innovation, albeit mostly in stuff like the multi-plane camera with real-world sets in the background. They get less credit for stuff like this.

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It makes a simple scene more exciting than it needs to be, and good for them for that. I was born years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. View all posts by Joseph Nebus. The only explanation for the flying cow I can think of is was it somehow supposed to be the cow that jumped over the moon?

Like Like. Oh, yes, that would make the flying cow less random zaniness and more something with a particular point. Well, a point other than that cows are funny.

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So much flavour, and real Cajun taste, sweet, spice with hints of garlic and lemon. Absolutely recommend. Bought at Broadstairs Food Festival and uncorked for the cold turkey sandwiches after Christmas — absolutely love it and now adding liberally to just about everything. Your message. Category: Chilli Sauces.

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Tag: cajun Bum Bandit chilli sauce. Rated 5.

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The Bum Bandit

Weight 0. Reviews 3. December 6, Bruce Hollobone. January 2, October 5, Not the hottest sauce, but the flavour is absolutely superb.