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They find their prey both by detecting its odor and by using special infrared sensors that tell them where the warm, blood-rich patches of skin are. This means that vampire bats are very good at feeding only on blood; they tend not to accidentally consume other items that could be toxic. Watch a video of vampire bats feeding. Bitter taste receptors seem to have a function opposite that of the taste receptors for sweet, salty, sour, and umami. While studying taste receptors in vampire bats, Zhao found that as the species evolved to feed only on blood, they lost the ability to taste sweet and umami.

Zhao wondered whether the same evolutionary pressures might have also reduced their sensitivity to bitter.

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He searched through the three vampire bat genomes for signs of bitter taste receptors, then compared these receptors to those found in 11 non—vampire bat species. In Season 10, I can't remember the issue number right now, when Buffy suggests that she and Spike go out to dinner, he comments something to the effect that food doesn't have much, if any, taste to vampires, and that seems inconsistent to me. It's a well established fact throughout the series that vampires' senses of hearing and smell are greatly heightened, and it stands to reason that their night vision would be enhanced, so why is their sense of taste not heightened as well?

Spike made a comment once about the taste of domestic beer not being as good as some of the better imported brands, which I would take to mean that his taste buds are at least sensitive enough to judge that.

Vampires Any hungry vampires out their, I taste gooooooooooooood

He likes blooming onions, and puts heavy spices in his pig's blood to give it taste, yet raves about the taste of otter blood in Season 5 of "Angel. I'm not sure.

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Angel seems to like food A LOT more when he's human; he eats a baloney sandwich, a pop tart, ice cream and yogurt and is able to relish the taste when he didn't before. But as a vampire nothing really compares to the taste of blood- vampires can even distinguish the quality of different types of blood. Spike once asked a barman at Willy's for the 'good stuff, none of the friggin' orangutan. That's what a vampire is designed for after all- hunting and killing humans. They are the ultimate predator. I don't see why enhanced taste would be needed.

Vampires are animated corpses that feed on blood. Only blood sustains them so why would their taste buds need to be as good as or better than the ones they had when they were human. It seems like their taste buds 'die' to a certain extent.

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They can enjoy rich spicy food, or alcohol or something with a nice texture bloody weetabix or blooming onions but it seems like not much in the way of food compares to the taste of blood; human, animal or whatever. I wondered about that S10 comic and found it inconsistent too. I agree with everything thetopher says but one of the many things that makes Spike stand out from the others is he continued to enjoy human food i. So although most vamps probably don't eat at all I can't believe Spike would pass up an opportunity to take his girl to a restaurant and order the spiciest or nicest textured food on the menu, partly because he likes to imbide in a little humanity and partly because the romantic in him would want to take his girl anywhere she wanted to go.

DeadlyDuo Scooby. Joined Jul 29, Messages 7, Age It seems like Vampires can tell the difference by taste between "normal" blood and "tainted" blood eg Harmony said the soldier boy they had tied up when Spike was looking for the gem of Amarra tasted "funny", Angelus spit out the blood from the guy turning into the fish monster from Go Fish etc.

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Preview — Taste by Nikki Clarke. Byfield Illustrator. Li is nearly two-hundred-years-old. A vampire with no knowledge of how she came to be or who made her, she's resigned herself to a life of careful indulgence.

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She likes them sweet, and she makes sure they taste that way. Still, she wonders if there is someone who can give her what she really wants--companionship and relief from a future of eternal emptiness. And if there Li is nearly two-hundred-years-old. And if there isn't, maybe she'll just make him. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 83 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Taste: A Vampire Quickie. Aug 21, Sharonda Isadora rated it really liked it Shelves: novella , paranormal , romance , diverse-reading , erotic. Taste was a just as it states, a quickie.