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Waking up earlier afford you some time to hit the gym before it gets too crowded, make yourself a healthy breakfast, or just take some time to decompress before the day starts. Better yet, researchers at Northwestern University have linked exposure to early morning sunlight to lower BMIs, so losing a little lounge time in bed could help you lose that spare tire, too.

Want to make the most of your 40s? Stop wasting time with TV binges and develop a hobby instead. Not only can developing a hobby increase your confidence and expand your social circle, it may help keep you cognitively fit in the long run. According to research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh , adults who engaged in hobbies on a regular basis were less likely to develop dementia in later life than those who abstained.

Need some inspiration? While retirement may still be quite a way off when you're in your 40s, getting rid of any debt now can help you secure a more stable financial future. According to research from PayScale , workers' earnings tend to be at their peak in their 40s, meaning there's no better time to pay down your debt rapidly. Even if you buy your first home at 40, if you get serious about paying down your debt now, you can easily have it paid off by the time retirement rolls around.

Your 40s are a perfect time to go for the gold when it comes to your career.

While you're still building your career skills, or may still even be working toward a terminal degree in your 20s and 30s, by the time you hit your 40s, you should be ready to take your career to the next level. Of course, that doesn't mean waiting for raises to fall in your lap.

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Your 40s are the perfect time to become more assertive at work. In fact, research published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology reveals that assertive women are more likely to be considered for raises than their shy counterparts.

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And when you're ready to snag that corner office, check out the 25 Best Ways to Score a Promotion. Just because you've spent more time on the couch than in the gym doesn't mean you can't turn things around in your 40s. Finding a fitness routine you love, be it Zumba, cycling, or that cardio hip-hop abs class you were always too scared to try before, can set you up for better health as you age. Doing so may even save your life: research published in the journal Circulation reveals that just two years of regular exercise helped to counteract the cardiovascular effects of study participants' previously sedentary lifestyles.

By the time you hit 40, it's time to make regular weight training an integral part of your exercise routine. Not only can increasing your muscle tone make you look leaner, even if the numbers on the scale haven't actually gone down, researchers at Tufts University have found resistance training effective at improving balance, potentially preventing a future fall. Your skin is your largest organ, and by the time you're in your 40s, you definitely need to start protecting it.

Skin cancer is the most commonly-diagnosed cancer in the United States, but reducing your risk is simple.

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Using sunscreen every single day, regardless of the weather, can help reduce your skin cancer risk and keep fine lines and wrinkles from forming, as well. While it's easy to fall on the glass-half-empty side of the spectrum, enjoying life more starts with channeling your inner optimist. Not only can being optimistic improve your outlook on life, research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology links optimism with lower rates of death from many common ailments, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

While you may have been able to pound shots, sleep a few winks, and wake up feeling like a million bucks in your 20s, odds are that's not the case by the time you hit Although showing up at work hungover is a bad look at any age, by the time you're 40, it's time to scale back your drinking, even if you can spend the day sleeping it off. People tend to have a lower tolerance for alcohol as they get older, so when you do drink, just have one, maybe two for special occasions, and make sure to have an equal amount of water, as well.

everyone's forty to fifty something but still hella fine

It may have felt like there was nothing a little duct tape and hope couldn't fix at When you've hit your 40s, it's time to get even seemingly minor aches and pains checked by a doctor. A sudden pain or health issue is far more likely to be something serious as you age, so time is of the essence when it comes to getting it checked out.

Having a healthy supplement routine under your belt in your 40s might just mean a longer, healthier life.

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While your doctor can help you determine what supplements are right for you, multivitamins are a good place to start for most people, and research suggests that omega-3 supplementation may even help with weight loss. Want to boost your confidence and improve the world around you? Make it your mission to start giving back in your 40s. Not only is making the world a better place a pretty noble goal on its own, research published in Health Psychology reveals that volunteering may actually increase your lifespan, as well.

By this point in time, your life has, for better or worse, taken a different path than many of your friends or family members, but there's no use beating yourself up over it. Focus on the things that you're happy about and proud about instead and that FOMO feeling is sure to fade. You're feeling confident in your 40s, and you deserve to look it.

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One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by having your clothes tailored for you. A perfectly-tailored suit or dress will not only fit you like a glove, it can also help you appear slimmer without all that excess fabric hiding your shape. Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you, so make it shine with an age-appropriate skincare routine. Many people experience more dryness as they get older, so it's likely time to ditch those harsh acne-fighting products you used in your 20s in favor of gentler ones. And if you're eager to fight off wrinkles, moisturizing is the name of the game.

Give yourself plenty to talk about at your next dinner party, stay informed, and keep your brain agile in one fell swoop by committing more time to reading in your 40s. Need a great syllabus? While it may have felt important to like the same bands, books, or movies as your friends when you were younger, your 40s are the perfect time to stop pretending to care about things that don't matter to you. You only have so many years to spend on this planet, so why waste them discussing The Corrections and listening to Rush, if they're not your thing?

Luckily, the increased confidence many people experience in their 40s makes it a prime time to embrace all those weird things you were admit to liking. Who cares that the only food you can cook is pizza, or that your favorite movie is Mallrats? If you want to live a longer, healthier life, your 40s are the perfect time to learn how to de-stress naturally.

While wine and screaming have their place, lowering your stress level through exercise, meditation, and other mindfulness practices can make your life easier and more enjoyable. According to the American Journal of Cardiology , stress-reduction exercises actually reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease by as much as 30 percent and reduced cancer death risk by up to 49 percent among hypertensive adults.

You only have one life to live, so why waste it feeling bad about what you see in the mirror? Your 40s are that sweet spot where you're smart enough to both treat your body right and accept that perfection isn't necessarily possible. While you may have a few more fine lines than you did 20 years ago, consider them proof of a life well-lived. Brushing and flossing when you remember to just won't cut it in your 40s. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day and checking in with your dentist every year, or when issues arise, can help keep your pearly whites shining and help you maintain your whole-body health for longer.

Better yet, research suggests a link between oral health and heart health, so if you want another half-century to look forward to, it's time to start taking your oral health seriously. It's no big secret that our memories tend to get less sharp as we get older. The good news? Journaling may be able to help. Not only does journaling provide you a record of important events in your life, researchers at the University of California found that expressive journaling significantly reduced anxiety among study subjects.

You only have one life to life, so why waste so much of it on people who do nothing to make it better? As family and work commitments increase in your 40s, it's the perfect time to cut toxic people out of your life for good. Nobody looks back at 50 and thinks, "I wish I had spent more time with people who made me feel terrible about myself. For painters with more than one painting in the WGA collection, or for paintings by unnamed or unattributed artists, see the Web Gallery of Art website or the corresponding Wikimedia Commons painter category. Of the 2, painters in the WGA database, over a quarter are Italians and about a third were born in the 17th-century, and they are mostly men.

For the complete list of artists and information about their artworks in the WGA collection, the database can be downloaded as a compressed file from the website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Lists of painters Web Gallery of Art. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata.