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The Orphan Spirit; Twisted Scriptures; John ; Neil Girrard

The result is striking. The world of Silent Hill is a very subtle, intricate world and you try to allow for those interpretations and depth to be there for the audience who want to see that depth. He is an extrapolation of the executioner who existed in the s when the colony of Silent Hill was first founded. He represents the father, the protector of Alessa. For me, he represents masculinity taken to an extreme - violence and power.

She believes he is a threat. He has a bigger purpose than that.

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But he moves in a particular, agonized way and Roberto gets that. We experimented with getting a lighter, fiberglass helmet. Basically, you cannot see. So we created this grill to give him a little visibility. What we discovered is that it was very hard for him to do an over-arm swing whilst wearing that helmet.

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We had to do all of the fight carefully to allow for full movement. Unfortunately, for Vincent and Heather, meeting them was unavoidable. Hideously disfigured, these nurses stand prone until the slightest sound sends them into attack mode. I loved them in the first movie and I wanted to use them a bit differently in my movie. Knowing we were going to be in a medical environment gave me a great opportunity to bring them back.

There are only certain dancers who could do that, so we used experienced dancers who were able to give me some slightly unusual maneuvers.

There are a few shots of them in windows in the first movie, and I wanted to move that along a little bit. The mannequin creature in the games I liked and I thought we could develop and enhance that and come up with something which is a weird combination of human body parts and spider-like energy. In a very broad way, I liked the idea of a creature that is out to convert you in a very literal sense. I wanted to create a creature that was a counterpoint to what Red Pyramid is - which is masculinity.

I thought, what if you had the brute force of Pyramid with the ferocity of the blades of this Missionary creature. The lack of eyes on her is a very much Silent Hill thing. Her design, however, is original.

She has an almost featureless face, lips drawn back into a permanent snarl, receded eyes without lids, and what looks like a medieval bear trap clamped around her skull with four blades that swing around her cheekbones and over the top of her head. Then we installed additional blades into her limbs. The costume itself was derived from over a hundred different pieces.

It was this color palette that I wanted in terms of color, texture, lighting and sensibilities. I later learned that this film was also a primary influence for the Konami game creators! But we had no interest in being derivative — we wanted to create our own environments. We sought something truly original.

In Silent Hill, places are as important as the characters, and there are so many: streets that have been completely destroyed by the Darkness, confined corridors, decrepit rooms, an amusement park, the sanctuary. We created all sets from scratch, and they became the expressions of this world apart.

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The Lakeside carousel itself is a distilled version of this strange world: frozen horses in a rictus of captivity with poles through their backs, carrying you around and around. If you can establish these ideas if only for a fleeting moment, you can take the audience back to remember the freaky nostalgia of it all — just as with clowns, which I am sure are demons on earth. It was an extraordinary source of inspiration.

We were lucky to find a genuine s carousel. It was meticulously transformed to become this hideous roundabout — each detail had been carefully thought with a particular meaning. We used crackled paint and dried blood. We added a Plexiglas floor for the red light to come from underneath. The result was spectacular. The High Order wardrobe overstates this even more than the Brethren with the harnessed, buckled over-robes that seem completely restrained. Nothing is free flowing. Everything has a retro-sensibility stuck in the 50s.

Each clothing and harness is different. They all have a clear theme and direction but they are adapted to each particular case. When she starts exploring her nightmares and the distant realities, the 3D becomes an immersive narrative tool. The closer Heather gets to the truth about herself, the more the film becomes dimensional. This approach enabled me to define the precise portions of 3D I should use for story enhancement while avoiding its use as a mere gimmick.

I wanted to make a world we were looking into, and occasionally it would come out to envelop us. It was the clarity, crispness and artistic relevance of 3D that appealed to me. Certain rules of light and motion have been compulsory with 3D.

4 Symptoms of the Orphan Spirit in Church Life

Thanks to Samuel and Don, we were able to work with state-of-the-art equipment, including some devices still in prototype development. We have for example been able to divert from traditional 3D rules and film by use of mobile steadycam. This allowed us to find the necessary balance between our creative desires and the technological constraint. The result was an extent of artistic freedom not customarily associated with 3D photography. The shot was simple: Heather walking in a school corridor.

But the way we shot it was against everything I had been taught about 3D. In the end, I find this shot splendid, because it is a real touch of cinema in this technical evolution of 3D. They have all avoided using 3D as a gadget: they have used it to immerse the spectators further in the story. For Silent Hill, darkness is an important component of the story. We are not reinventing 3D, but certainly pushing it as far as it can currently be done, and farther than it could have been done previously. Bassett has always had a vibrant approach to light.

We never neglected story development in favor of lighting aesthetics, but rather have enhanced story and character development throughout the film with the subtlety of such devices. It has been a challenge, but my Director of Cinematography, Maxime Alexandre, has done a fantastic job. The six-episode first season will air at the beginning of on the Sundance Channel; the series represents the first wholly owned Sundance Channel scripted production.

After DNA evidence casts doubt on his conviction, Holden returns to his family and to his hometown where the murder occurred and where many still believe he is guilty. Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, this horror story centers around a ruthless criminal gang who takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Clemens currently resides in Los Angeles.

Carrie-Anne Moss has become one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. Jackson and she has now completed recording the animated feature Clockwork Girl. In , the audience will get to see him again in the sequel of Percy Jackson. Martin most recently appeared in Unthinkable with Samuel L.

Jackson and Michael Sheen. Donovan has enjoyed a long association with celebrated director Hal Hartley, starring in several of his films, including Amateur, which was selected for both the Cannes and New York Film Festivals.