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Each case commentary includes a non-spoiler preview of the story, some notable quotes, and a plethora of miscellaneous observations and comments. So, come, the game is afoot! An awesome print by Tom Richmond of Holmes on screen over the years. I own print 7 of And there is! Below is an index with links to all the posts, followed by some topics likely to come. Lord of Misrule — Christopher Lee as the great detective. All genres have their tropes that get returned to again and again.

Tench and Ford crisscross the country, interviewing serial killers with the intent of developing tools that will allow for the developing of psychological fingerprints of these compulsive killers, as an aid to capturing them. Fascinating and thoughtful, the series is significantly quieter than other cop shows. Mindhunter jettisons the foot chases and gunfights, and focuses on the agents interviewing serial killers.

Mindhunter is based on the book of the same name by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. In Mindhunter , the interviews are the big centerpieces of most episodes. The challenge of the show, and the reward for the patient viewer, is the agents discussing the interviews afterwards.

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They debate if the answers given were sincere, if the killer was being truthful, or misinterpreting things, or just outright lying. While fascinating, the interviews carry their own frustrating ambiguity. Today, he takes us international, so read on! But the rich tradition of the genre along with Noir has expanded immensely, yielding rich gold mines in Berlin Noir and Dublin Noir to name two of many.

And yet there is a closer example of the universality of mean streets all over the world laid out in grimy exuberance in a hardboiled tale well told — and it is not a recent offshoot. These were paperbacks to be found on spinner racks on both sides of the border. Issued by small printing houses in small print runs for the much smaller population of Canada, the pulp yarns churned out by a host of writers was long forgotten and scarce hardly sums up their availability.

The books came and went to molder in attics, landfills and to find second use helping to start fires on cold Canadian nights. Lost to time.

Until Ricochet Books, an arm of Vehicule Publishing, decided to pick up the gauntlet laid down by Hard Case Crime Books among others and began hunting up these lost gems. The books are widely available now in new editions with the old, classic covers and I urge you to look them up. What follows is an engaging mystery the hard drinking Teed weaves his way through amidst an entertaining presentation of Montreal when it was the Sin City of the North.

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