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Year: to. Sign in. Sell books. Paid advertisement. She has unique interdisciplinary perspective combining experience with GIS and Digital Humanities to explore spatial history.

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She joined the University of Luxembourg in July following a few years as Digital Humanities Lab coordinator at the CVCE also in Luxembourg working on projects associated with ePublications, digital editions and user engagement. She is a co-investigator for the H Crosscult Project —working on a pilot 4 to develop a geo-located game for reflective history. She studied for an MSc in Geographical Information Systems at University College London in and went on to complete a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, PhD and Post Doc at the same university, with a focus on interdisciplinary research for social and spatial data analysis now and in the past.

This led her to the University of Portsmouth as Senior Lecturer in Human Geography where she was project director for the successful bombsight. He spent several years at the medialab Sciences Po in Paris, where he helped to develop experimental web applications and tools applied to text analysis, data visualisation, collaborative writing and enhanced scholarly publications for social sciences, among which the front-end interface of the EU-funded project AIME the AIME platform modesofexistence. Huppmann, N.

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  8. Would climate policies improve the European energy security? Change Econ. Branger, F. Global sensitivity analysis of an energy-economy model of the residential building sector. Volume 70, Pages Projection des changements climatiques futurs.

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    Rozenberg, J. Building SSPs for climate policy analysis: a scenario elicitation methodology to map the space of possible future challenges to mitigation and adaptation. Working Paper version , Supplementary Material and background data. Working Paper version.

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    Waisman, H. Working paper version.

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    Climate Policy Climate change and energy security: climate policies as a hedge against the uncertainty on future oil supply. Climatic Change, Volume , Numbers , Sassi O. Mathy, S. Climate policies in a second-best world - A case study on India , Energy Policy , Tavoni, M. Wilson, C. Giraudet, G. Global warming as an asymmetric public bad. Climate damages on production or on growth: what impact on the social cost of carbon. Innovative techniques for quantitative scenarios in energy and environmental research: a review.

    In: Ames, D. Enhancing the policy relevance of scenarios through a dynamic analytical approach. Eatwell, T.