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Just my opinion…. Thanks for your comment, Larry. I agree with you.

It makes you think without telling you what to think. And hopefully entertains along the way. There was a saying once upon a time that newspapers were only good to wrap garbage in. So the news is a different animal. But ripping a story from the headlines in order to write a story comes with baggage.

Is it true? Is it hype? Is it garbage? I prefer stories that create their own world. Maybe a dollop of flavor from the headlines, but I want my stories to have a life of their own. I want the reader to see something new, not something they are bombarded with on TV or Facebook. The movie The Three Faces of Eve was supposed to be a true story about a gal with multiple personalities.

Years later it turned out the patient lied. I might follow a paved road for a while, but before long I take that detour to something entirely different.

Funny Mark Twain Quotes on Politics, Religion, and the Human Condition

And certainly not everything I write comes from the headlines, like my Ghosts of Bunker Hill stories. But my novels White Heat and Broken Windows do use real events as jumping off points. But the main thing in the stories is the characters. But the real backgrounds give them a grounding in the real world.

Your White Heat novel did just that, Paul. You took a real time in history, but wrote totally your own story around it. Sometimes people just want to be entertained.

Quote by Chuck Palahniuk: “A good story should make you laugh, and a momen”

Thanks, Gayle. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Marks October 19, Marks Raymond Chandler. Milady by Laura L.

About Author. Paul D. Marks Paul D.

Elisabeth Moss: “Truth is stranger than fiction”

Everyone faces major changes in life at some point. For me, everything happened at once: breast cancer, new job and the publication of my very first book--all during the same month! Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Nine years later, my second bout of breast cancer came exactly when I relocated to Florida, a thousand miles from my Houston home. New home, new friends, new…doctors. You might say starting over was getting to be a habit! The challenges brought out my stubborn side, which kept me going.

Writing more stories grounded me and helped keep me sane.

Pain, Humiliation, and Laughter

Hearing from readers about those stories helped even more. The heroines in the Starting Over series face life-changing situations. Which is a good thing because starting over can provide well-deserved and wonderful new beginnings. Enjoy the stories! All rights reserved.