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Forgot your password? Don't have a shopping account? Create one now. Organized by the four genres of prose, poetry, drama, and the essay, the text provides a rich and diverse array of reading selections.

Each section is accompanied by an introduction to the genre, and each reading includes a wealth of exercises that help students gain an understanding and appreciation of literature from the Spanish-speaking world. The number of explanatory notes , glosses, and parenthetical renditions of elusive Spanish terms has been incremented to render the book more user-friendly.

Coverage of all four genres of literature narrative, poetry, drama, and essay gives students a broad introduction to literature and gives instructors the flexibility to choose from a variety of literary selections. Each genre begins with a thorough introductory section about the genre and the readings, including both theory and the application of theory. The text teaches the technical vocabulary of the Hispanic literary critic to students who possess a relatively limited knowledge of Spanish. Readings are followed by Cuestionario comprehension-based questions , Identificaciones identification questions , and Temas topics for discussion and writing.

Useful appendices include excerpts from critical essays, examples of poetic verse classifications by syllables, and a glossary of literary terms. Carmelo Virgillo Ph. In addition to serving as coordinator of Portuguese and Hispanic literature, he directed Arizona State University's programs in Florence and Siena, Italy and He was also book review editor of the Latin American Digest.

He also authored and co-authored numerous articles and essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Spanish, Spanish-American, and Brazilian literature. The recipient of several nominations for excellence in teaching, he has been cited by the Italian Ministry of Education for his career-long development of and contributions to the promotion of Italian studies in the United States. He is currently researching a new book on Hispanic civilization. Edward H. Friedman Ph. His primary field of research is early modern Spanish literature, with special emphasis on picaresque narrative, the writings of Cervantes, and the Comedia.

He also has worked widely in contemporary narrative and drama. He is editor of the Bulletin of the Comediantes and has served as president of the Cervantes Society of America. What if you were to think as a writer, a musician, an actor, a storyteller, a caricaturist, a movie director, a designer, a cartoonist, a whisperer, a painter, an inventor, etc?

Theory will be used as a formal framework and a necessary shared background to trigger the diverse activity production. Classes will be conducted in English. And in the second semester, depending upon the group Spanish level and their personal preferences, we will consider the bilingual option. No formal training is required. Noany former related experience. Come on board, and try on a hat! Pobreza estructural y nueva pobreza.

Tres rencuentros paradojales con la democracia, con la inestabilidad y con el populismo. The goal of this course is for students to learn the general principles and theories of intercultural communication while interacting and building relationships with individuals from other countries. The first unit focuses on the role that participation in interpersonal communication activities with Argentines and local mass media consumption play in the cross-cultural adaptation process.

El Argentino - Jorge Guinzburg

The second unit introduces students to the basic principles of verbal and non-verbal communication focusing on Latin American and Argentine communication patterns. This course gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own culture and experiences, to ask questions, discuss, interact with individuals from other cultures, and better understand the roots of cultural similarities and differences.

In addition, this course helps students develop awareness of how cultural identity influences communication, engages interaction with the host culture, and prepares students to become more effective intercultural communicators.

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The ultimate goal is to realize the importance of individuating each intercultural experience and to reduce the use of inaccurate stereotypes. In this course students will:.

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Valuation in Emerging Markets will present core concepts of Valuation of Bonds and Companies, from emerging countries perspective, with special focus in the Argentinean context, applying the theory to practical problems and case studies related to emerging markets and the local environment that would help future financial managers make better investment decisions in the region. Active class participation will be required, based on the readings assigned and discussion of the main financial news and events published in the local newspapers and market information.

Main topics include:. The course will be settled taught in English. Pre-requisites: Marketing and finance basic knowledge. El abecedario.

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Determinantes y pronombres posesivos. Gentilicios: de uso frecuente. Los participios regulares. Oraciones subordinadas sustantivas con el verbo en presente de subjuntivo. Formas verbales reflexivas. Oraciones interrogativas. Formas comparativas: de igualdad y de superioridad. Los adjetivos derivados aumentativos, diminutivos, despectivos. Imperativo: formas para expresar recomendaciones y consejos. Oraciones condicionales con Imperativo. Oraciones condicionales con presente y futuro de indicativo. El Imperativo en oraciones condicionales.

Formas gerundivas irregulares. Estructura de las interrogaciones indirectas. Oraciones subordinadas temporales: con verbo en indicativo. Oraciones subordinadas causales Oraciones subordinadas sustantivas: con el verbo en subjuntivo. Diptongos, triptongos y hiatos. Indicativo: Futuro Perfecto. Condicional Compuesto: usos. Pronombres relativos.

Uso de preposiciones en oraciones con pronombres relativos. Uso de Indicativo y de Subjuntivo en oraciones de relativo. Oraciones consecutivas: con verbo en Indicativo. Verbos introductorios del estilo indirecto. Oraciones imperativas, exclamativas e interrogativas en el discurso referido. Oraciones impersonales, pasivas, reflejas, etc. Contraste entre oraciones de relativo con Indicativo y con Subjuntivo.

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Oraciones sustantivas con verbo en Subjuntivo. Verbos que expresan transformaciones. Oraciones impersonales. Verbos con dos participios. Adverbios: expresiones con valor adverbial. Sustantivos abstractos de cualidad, adjetivos gentilicios, verbos derivados de sustantivos.

Palabras compuestas.

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Aumentativos, diminutivos, despectivos. Los nombres de personas. Nombres de pila y apodos. Marcadores discursivos: organizadores, reformuladores, recapituladores, etc. Conectores discursivos: aditivos, consecutivos, contraargumentativos, etc. Registros formales e informales de conectores y marcadores. Uso del pronombre.

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Doble pronombre. Pronombre de verbos accidentales. Usos de preposiciones. Locuciones preposicionales. Preposiciones combinadas. Usos especiales de las preposiciones en expresiones. Influencia de las vanguardias europeas y la vanguardia local. El espacialismo de Lucio Fontana. Experimentaciones en los 60 y 70s.