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Hi, Joyce. I appreciate your information. It is really informative. I have been considering to use one of the licensing companies. What i wonder is that what the difference is between Singtradr and other library sites you recommended. Another quetion is whether i can use more than one. Will it be a legal issue if i use more than one of them? Thanks in advance. SongTradr is a music library AND an opportunity platform in the sense that it will list licensing opportunities that you can directly apply for. Most music libraries just make your tracks available to license on their platform. Having your music in different libraries is not an issue as long as you sign a NON-exclusive agreement with them.

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Thanks for the quick reply. SongTradr sounds better than other libraries then as it provides another option. Licensing and copyright things have been the pain in the ass since I began to compose music. I am considering going down a similar road of licensing as yourself and found your article very enlightening and inspirational. I have been approached through linkedin by a company called Fresh Sync about a sync deal. Do you think this clause is a hindrance or is it normal practice? If you are offered an opportunity for an exclusive license for a Song by someone other than Fresh Sync, you agree to give Fresh Sync the opportunity to match or beat those terms, as described below: a Notice.

This notice will include the principal financial and other terms of the Offer. Artist agrees not to accept the Offer or terminate this Agreement until the procedures described in this Section 4 have been followed. Fresh Sync has a period of thirty 30 days from the day it receives notice of the Offer to either match or improve upon the terms of the Offer. If Fresh Sync agrees to match or improve upon the terms of the Offer, Artist agrees that i it will enter into a license with Fresh Sync with respect to that Song or Songs and ii Artist will not terminate this Agreement for a period of one 1 year following the date that such license is agreed.

Regarding the 30 day wait, yeah, I guess you could miss out on some opportunities there. Thanks alot for the article. Awesome article. Loved it. I just have one doubt. It might be a stupid question. Forgive me if it is :D I have few instrumental tracks orchestral ready which I am planning on releasing it as an album. My doubt is if I release it through any other media distribution services, can I still put it in music libraries? If you mean a distribution service to get your music in the Apple Store, on Spotify, etc.

So to answer your question….. Hi Joyce, I just wondering which listed sync agency websites pay straightforward without andy specific time frames, e. Music libraries pay you when a customer pays them. When a customer purchases a license to your track through their website, the library pays over your share, usually monthly or quarterly. Music Library Report is also a cool tool with music library reviews and an active forum.

Hey, Joyce.

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I want to learn a lot how to bid my songs and I loved your post, but I have some questions. The more places the songs are, the better? It depends more on how much time you spend researching libraries and how often you send music.

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It could take 3 months or 3 years depending on where your music stands, how much time you can dedicate to licensing and how often you actually get music in front of potential customers. Wow, Joyce, I have a lot to learn anyway … but once I came here now reading the steps that you indicated to me was: — Is it necessary to have ISRC the songs produced or is this what you said about not needing copyright?

For example, you could have a contact form for licensing queries or a short note saying that for licensing opportunities, your tracks are available at Audiosparx or another library of your choice. Hope that helps! Hi Joyce, I am just starting out putting my songs in music libraries. Would you recommend producing and submitting as many songs as possible to build up a large catalog? Regarding genre, I would stick with what you enjoy making.

I stick to doing what I like because: 1. Hello Joyce!

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Hi Joyce, Many thanks sharing this post… Have you tried licensing your music thru the production music platforms of one of the major labels UMG, Sony or Warner? Do you know how much they pay to the artists and how much they keep for themselves?

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No idea! Hi Joyce!!! Thank you so much for the generosity to share your time and knowledge with us! And i have 6 HQ songs… can i upload them into 3 other.. Some libraries work for some artists and not for others. Regarding your second question, as long as you only sign non-exclusive agreements, you can put song A in as many libraries as you want.

Some offer exclusive, some offer non-exclusive, some give you the option to be exclusive or non-exclusive with them. Sometimes, a non-exclusive library becomes exclusive like JinglePunks recently. You gotta do your research and figure out what works for you ;. Good luck with this! Because is too much paperwork that translate into procrastination for me :c and anyway… the only one PRO in my country have a lot of suspicion … that they dont even pay you if you are not.. My question is… is there libraries that wont license your music if you are not afiliated with a PRO??

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I was just to put into work your advice on it. Same if it lands on a super popular TV shows that has reruns for 20 years across multiple countries. Of course those are best case scenarios. Apart from explaining so much about the licensing , your advice about not going mad on buying kit for massive production sounds is spot on too. A question: What would you do with lyrics that have been removed from tracks? Not sure I get your question. If your vocals are no good, take them out and pitch the instrumentals to music libraries.

There are plenty of licensing opportunities for instrumental music out there. Not having any vocals is not an issue.