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The presidential election in gabon.

Review of African Political Economy, Vol. Renou, Xavier A New French Policy for Africa? Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Vol. Yillah, Dauda Sartre and black Africa: cross-cultural issues.

Francophone Regionalism or Franco-African Regionalism? | SpringerLink

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Catalogue Foregin Rights Armand Colin 2013

Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol. Western accounting reforms and accountability in wealth redistribution in patronage-based Nigerian society. Globalisation, accounting and developing countries. The empire strikes back: French-African trade after independence. Review of International Economics,. Mantilla, Giovanni International Organization, Vol.

From law to history: The politics of war and empire. Global Constitutionalism, Vol. Lasslett, Kristian and MacManus, Thomas Download full list. Google Scholar Citations.

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  1. Francophone Regionalism or Franco-African Regionalism? | SpringerLink!
  2. L’ontologie négative de l’Afrique;
  4. Boisseson de m - Sciences humaines - Albertine - Books in French and English New-York.
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