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Every country has their own self-interests. If they take actions to protect their self interests then it is bound to offend someone and if they are termed Evil then so be it.

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The survey result seems more like an opinion poll as one, there is no definition of evil so every respondent is making one up. Two if someone think Burma is more evil than Taliban then we need to do some reality check. While Burma has a long history of human rights abuse it is not waging war against all and sundry who do not concur with them. Taliban is not only oppressing people under their control but also exporting the same terror across border in both Pakistan and India.

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While Caroline has presented insight to what people think, it does nothing more than that. Not sure how scientific all of this data collection is, and if it ever reviewed by peers. Seems very adhoc, motivated, and self-indulgent. Not sure what credentials the writer has if any is conducting surveys. In short, a waste of time. Perhaps if you had framed the question differently - which governments and dictatorships are evil, - you may have had quite a different outcome.

Criticizing our media for negative self-reporting has to be one of the most confused things ever said. I can criticize our media for a lot of things, but for reporting the bad in Pakistan would not be one. If anything, it is the media's job in every country to report the problems, to highlight them, to focus attention on the things that need to be improved in our society. If you consider yourself part of the media, maybe you should rethink what your 'job' as a media person is :.

Pakistan as evil? Its strange how when Pakistan "engages" the taliban for "peace" talks it is EVIL and playing a double game but when the "good guys" do the same thing it is seen as "progress" it's no wonder Pakistan is paranoid of it's "allies" it's because they cant be trusted. Gohar Ilahi. Very true. Im tired of these self-hating Pakistani's.

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They just use the country and then talk crap about it. Meanwhile they dont realize that by talking poorly about your own country that they are talking bad about themselves. Until we respect our country, only then will people respect you. I for one, love my country, always speak of the good qualities of Pakistan, and will stand by it in times of stress and happiness.

Down with the haterz! Can ask people which counrties are good, why they are good? What acts are good?

I found it interesting, u can interpret as you want to. Not an exact science more like anthropology. A nice read. Your work is appreciated.. Jan 17, pm. India would have gained a better place then in the list :P Thank you. Media drives perception. Pakistani's have too few good spokesman to defend them on the international media.

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  4. Pakistan gets a media bashing everyday, but mostly only one sided. No wonder perceptions are influenced. How can any country be adjudged evil or otherwise by a group of people from various countries who have their own prejudices and image presented by media and respective govts?

    Even being an Indian I feel that this article is unfair to people of Pakistan since good and evil people are present in all countries and they are adjudged by the Almighty God. Jan 18, am. Jan 18, pm. Andy Reid. Thats 'unfortunate' Somalia multiplied by 70 who has a population of 10 million only.

    If you are going to put down other, at least know your own score first. Yours is million. Salamat Raja. Jan 19, pm. Truth has its own existence and the nature has its own phenomena. The powerful nations in the past has been ruined by the same effects that they did not follow the course by nature and denied the truth. These things cause the nations to lost their civilization. No doubt the truth will prevail If anybody has doubts, please search the causes and effects of the previous nations destruction I guess its something to do with psychology.

    Jan 20, pm. No need to take this survey seriously.

    Perceptions of Evil from Abu Ghraib: Female Prison Guards and Sexual Violence

    Very clever. Rajinder Singh. The general assessment passed by the print media against several countries does reflect the realities. The nature does not make any mistake, therefore all counters are excellent and beautiful. As regards to the Pakistan, the nature has bestowed all the natural beauties and particularly, the people are very good minus all the politics. Of course, there are good and bad people in every country without any exception whatsoever. If the parturition did not have materialized, both India and Pakistan would have been the most powerful countries in the world today.

    By and large, the people in both the country are hard working, honest and possesses all the good virtues and values of life. But the trivial issues have overshadowed the facts and the darker sides of the realities are projected predominantly which the foreigners easily believe it. In brief, may I humbly request the people of both the countries that please ward off all the evils, let the peace and harmony prevail, the actual fragrance of the realities will sprout and blossom and then see the consequences of that.

    The entire world will change their evil opinion. God bless both eh countries and defeat the evils forever. John Smoth.

    From Genius to Madness

    I am not surprised at the survey as once I read an article that said that Indian press in India is censored by the Indian Gov. So it is sad to know that in this an age of internet people in India will take decades to change their perception about Pakistan. Jan 21, am.

    Table 1 from Heroin as Evil: ecstasy users' perceptions about heroin | Semantic Scholar

    John Lee. Some feminist theorists stated that England et al were just scapegoats who lacked any power or authority both as women in a patriarchal system and as common soldiers. Others noted the connection to colonialism in the fact that all the victims were men of color while the perpetrators were Caucasian.

    Throughout these analyses, the focus has been on the perpetrators as soldiers, but downplayed their role as prison guards. However, as this paper will demonstrate, this role may be useful in better understanding the actions at Abu Ghraib. A large body of data shows that, in the USA, female prison guards are responsible for the majority of sexual crimes against male inmates and a large percentage of sexual crimes against female inmates. Tables from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Cigarette smoking as a stigma: evidence from France.