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Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title. Christ the Cornerstone Collected Essays. Libraries and Democracy The Cornerstone of Liberty. The Cornerstone. Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour Cornerstone on Foot Patrol Rethinking the Cornerstone of Policing. Grey wolves can be alphas, but usually only if a black wolf isn't available.

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Our heroine is a mage and they are enemies of the wolves. She goes to Cornerstone to confront Rook after she had a vision of him standing over her dead father covered in blood. She quickly learns that Rook had no plans to kill her father and that there was a misunderstanding. But a mage and vampires appear to be killing packs. They must work together to save everyone.


Can't wait to read book two and even more, book three. I really want to read more about the white wolves. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks Amazon. I adored the loup garou mythology, three dimensional characters, chess inspired plot maneuvers, and slow burn romance. Usually I expect there to be one or two twists on the typical lore, but in this case what I received was a whole new world. Shifting is well explained, and I really enjoyed the run pack dynamics. The plot is ingeniously crafted, and reminiscent of a chess match where the opponents take turns and must adjust their strategy depending on what moves their foe makes.

"Love is everywhere" - Salvation o.l.v. Aline Rook

In the earlier chapters the pawns and chess master are clearly identifiable, but as the tale progresses and the power shifts, things get a lot more interesting. I admired her bravery, and loyalty to her father in the face of a heartbreaking vision, and her determination to do whatever it takes to set things right.

Rook is a colourful character with his rockstar past, and potential Alpha future. I think that his brother, Knight, stole a bit of his thunder, but I still liked him as a match for Brynn. A very fun read. Nov 11, Mackenzie Harper rated it really liked it. From the first page, I kept stubbornly wanting this truly original novel to be what it was not until eventually I let go of my notions of what the story was going to be and just embraced what was in front of me.

I selected this book from a number of works belonging to K. Krisko expecting to dive into a magical, mystical fantasy world and I did, but not at all how I imagined and that's the main reason why I wanted to give this book five stars. Krisko has cooked up a brilliant and imaginative tale set right amongst the ordinary, leaving your mind to wonder about the every day in the way the X-files did for me when I was younger. So what cost it that half star? Well, the first few chapters were slow and Lorcas came across as aloof, somewhat boring and someone I struggled to connect with.

However, I found my character hook in the instantly fascinating Zumar, the provocative shadow being urging Lorcas towards building the castle, Rook.

Cornerstone: Raising Rook (Cornerstone, #1)

By the middle of the book though, Krisko hits her stride and the plot, as they say, thickens and I raced to the end. About the ending, I have a lot to say about it, but I hate spoilers and so I won't spoil you. I will say that Krisko writes beautifully with an obvious love for words.

I strongly recommend this book and plan on reading her others works. Jun 07, Emanuel Grigoras rated it it was amazing. An original fantasy story The most important thing about this story is that it has a n original idea to start with as far as my knowledge of fantasy and science fiction literature goes. Without giving any spoilers, the story is about the effort of a group of people to restore the power of a supernatural being, Rook, which appears to interact and grow with the stone that is freely given to him by humans. What makes the task very difficult is that the being was restricted to a single cornerstone An original fantasy story The most important thing about this story is that it has a n original idea to start with as far as my knowledge of fantasy and science fiction literature goes.

It's an easy read and is pleasant, the kind you read in the evening. What I liked about it is that is structured as a bildungsroman, a story of coming-of-age for the main character, Lorcas, and for the reader as well. Lorcas is growing and learns the hard way his true purpose, although is not able to determine if he is a good or bad guy yet. The next book in the series should shed some light on it.

The reader is going through a story that starts as a slice of normal life and develops in a full fantasy with a surreal scenario developing around characters that are utterly normal and quite dumb sometimes. The book is worth reading for the good writing put in it as well as for the original story. Dec 13, D. Raising Rook begins when Lorcas Fellken is given a rock as a birthday present for his 13th birthday.

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All is not as it appears, however. There are others that disagree with the reconstruction of the castle. Lorcas finds out that he is a member of a cryptic group that is focused on the reconstruction of the castle and the power that it holds. Ever so slowly, Raising Rook begins when Lorcas Fellken is given a rock as a birthday present for his 13th birthday. Ever so slowly, the reader learns more and more about the mysterious castle and the powers of Rook. This book took me completely by surprise.

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The writing is very good, however, and kept me going. Eventually I found myself wrapped up in the story and wanted to know more. Krisko slowly reveals information to the writer and left me begging for more. This is a very intelligent book. The struggle between the builders of the castle and the opposition is not merely based on historical antagonisms.

I am usually not a fan of fantasy novels but Krisko turned me into a believer. May 29, Julie rated it really liked it. I received this book free from a giveaway. I am so glad I won, this book was fantastic. I can't wait to read the 2nd one now. The story revolves around Lorcas and the rock he received on his 13th birthday.

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One of the things I enjoyed most about this story was that the Author didn't get bogged down with details. Time passes and we do not have to have a minute by minute accounting of it. That said, I really enjoyed some of the characters and wouldn't mind having more of their story included. I I received this book free from a giveaway. I also like how Lorcas didn't suddenly awake one day with a thousand powers and was a superman, but slowly learned and developed into who he was to become.