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More filters. Sort order. As an avid reader I've obviously been familiar with James Patterson, but I had yet to try one of his books. I decided to take the plunge with this new one of his that lured with me talks of dark secrets, murders, and teen detectives. While I can't compare it with his other works, I ended up feeling very satisfied with it. He has an easy to read writing style with incredibly short chapters that makes it almost impossible to put it down since "Just one more chapter" would only take another few min As an avid reader I've obviously been familiar with James Patterson, but I had yet to try one of his books.

He has an easy to read writing style with incredibly short chapters that makes it almost impossible to put it down since "Just one more chapter" would only take another few minutes or seconds in some cases. What I noticed and found uniquely compelling right away, is how the narrator --Tandy--talks directly to us--the reader. It feel very personal; she's addressing me and telling me her story. I understood and cared for her more than I would have otherwise, I'm certain, seeing how eccentric she is.

Because this family, they're… special. In every sense of the word. Their parents--before they were found dead, that is--brings discipline to a whole new level; punishments take the form of standing on one's head reciting landmarks in Bhutan… in the Dzongkha national language. Yeah… anyone? Then, we have a whole troupe of brothers and sisters who seem to be a little too smart, too strong, too robotic, adding in a mystery of what the heck they are. Anger issues also makes appearances, turning every single one of these family members a suspect.

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If this isn't enough, the drama they're involved in belongs on some mutated Jerry Springer episode. Entertainment and mystery goes hand in hand in James Patterson's newest series. Confessions of a Murder Suspect, as the name entails, deals with a murder first hand, but it also involves mysteries regarding the family's past, their parents dealings, in addition to a few others that makes its appearance within this novel, to be looked into further in the next installments. I had a great time making up theories, trying to figure out what kind of freaky skeletons were in their closets.

While I found some parts fascinating, I can't say the big reveal at the end was especially mind blowing. After speculating wildly on their parents murders, what actually happened is a little… unexciting, but I can't say it was a complete let down either.

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For a quick, fun read, I was kept thoroughly entertained from start to finish and that's exactly what I was hoping for when I turned the first page of this novel. After everything, an astonishing ending would have simply been the icing on the cake, so it's a little unfortunate, but it's not a deal breaker. Peculiar family dynamics, unusual characters, and intriguing mysteries turn this book into a fun filled, exceptionally quick read. I am off to order James' first Maximum Ride novel as we speak! For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads View all 18 comments.

The Private School Murders (Confessions, #2) by James Patterson

Nov 07, Geeks Unleashed. Me rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult. Read Ashley Elizabeth's reviews at GeeksUnleashed. The only reason I would is so that I can somehow justify what he just wrote as a severe lack of time. As I sat reading this book, I struggled to connect with the main character, Tandy. This should have been a very easy connection for me.

My mother was a drill sergeant. Tandy was an emotionless drone… which under this kind of pressure is unreal. The book read like a screenplay… ie direction cues and then very flat dialogue actors make dialogue really come off the page. You guys should know that I try to find redeeming qualities in books, regardless of how weak either the prose or the content is. I see no redemption. Since I am at such a loss for words, I will just list the transgressions he made: 1.

He addressed the reader. This book is aimed at 12 years old and up, but still, addressing the reader was a poor move. This angle completely weakened the story. I kept waiting for it to enrich the story, but it never did. He kept having Tandy go off on tangents and then say that they were private thoughts to be kept for later. Once, maybe twice, it might have been cute and intriguing. But, for the whole first fifty pages, it was like he was just trying to keep us reading by throwing out promises of a better story later.

This whole story, in fact, seemed like a set-up for something better, maybe a sequal? This is called telling. Remember the point I made in 1 up there? He has an axe to grind against the press. Im Bimbo. They pretty much say the same things about the ending, too.

Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie

It was a letdown. In the beginning, I thought I knew who had done it. You know the political thriller aspects. But, the quality of writing was just not there. The lines were put together like a well versed testimony, which basically just recounts the facts with little emotional additions. I have to say, this was a complete letdown.

Three stars just seem like too much from an author of his magnitude. Did I forget this was a co-authored book by Maxine Paetro? As a last note: I will point out that in the first pages, the parents of four three of which are still at home die. There are quite a few other books that I would feel comfortable with them reading… this book would actually be at the bottom of that list.

View all 6 comments. Apr 11, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , audiobooks , thrillers , listening-books.

Listened to the audiobook via Listening Books! Listening Books is a UK based charity, offering an audiobook service to listeners in the UK with a long-term illness, disability or mental health issues. Star ratings: Audiobook 4 stars, story itself 3. Confessions of a Murder Suspect was great audiobook material. The main character Tandy is recording the story as if she is giving an audio recording of the case.

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When both of her parents are found dead in their bedroom, Tandy and her brothers a Listened to the audiobook via Listening Books! When both of her parents are found dead in their bedroom, Tandy and her brothers are pinned as suspects as being the last people to see them alive. Their Uncle takes over the company of Angel Pharmaceuticals as the investigation commences. Hounded by the press, ignored by the police, Tandy knows that to find closure, she will have to find the answers fast before its too late. In the process, she uncovers some hidden secrets that question everything about her life and lives of her brothers.

The pacing was a little slow, but I did enjoy the narration. There were a few plot holes that aren't solved by the end. I can't reveal what because of spoilers. This is a series that I will continue with, as the technology, coding and detective work is an interesting subject for me in general.

There are heavy topics such as drug use, suicide, violence mentioned.

The Perils of Confession as a Public Act

I had great expectations to reading Confessions of a Murder Suspect and it has left me not content. James Patterson's Confessions of a Murder Suspect, in my opinion, this book earns 3. Two terrific thing about this book, was the Angel's family background. I love the idea of a mad scientist dad, with a family of kids with human-supernatural powers, just brillant! Second, I adore how James Patterson organizes the book. Confessions to chapters, also the way he writes that Tandoori is actually talking and telling the story to us, was magnificent!

Although there are quite of few things I did not enjoy. There was not much Easter eggs! I can't give much detail, I don't want to give out spoilers who have not read this book! The mystery wasn't just interesting! Two homicides, and 1 murder later on, woo hoo. C'mon I would at least added in a serial mystery!

The cops and detective.

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It's just not right how the cops act, they should be doing more of the work than what Tandoori is doing The detective work was just sloppy and jumping to wild conclusions. It was just plain boring. I thought it would be a twist or a unpredictable ending. Overall, these are are the main reasons why Confessions of a Murder Suspect deserved a 3. This review was one of the most critical review I've writtien. The main reason why is I'm a really big fan of mystery novels and films! And I think every muster book should have these main criterias!