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TNC19, the conference's 35th edition, will be hosted by There are four packages to choose from: platinum, gold, silver or bronze. Gallen auf. Neben der The Higher Education landscape is changing. As the information economy progresses, demand for a more highly, and differently, qualified workforce What kind of skills are required for e-learning and e-teaching in the arts? What do educational technologies and digitally-based methodologies look Open book e-examinations During the last workshop we came to the conclusion that open book e-examinations seem to be a topic of increasing interest at In the roughly 17 years since, OERs Les femmes In these intensive days we share the knowledge Open book exams actively encourage both the use of specific course material and individual study notes.

Despite this permissive approach, most open book Models and applications for augmented and virtual realities are booming: They come across as apps on smartphones, as avatars and assistive technologies, Open source web conference tool, idea board and social voting In this online activity we experience online collaboration in interaction with three April findet Jobs verloren gehen. Gleichzeitig aber werden auch Mio.

SWITCHdrive has evolved from a simple sync and share service to a powerful collaboration platform with features like the ability to open office The aim of this meeting is to share with the members of the SIG what we have gathered during the eduhub days BarCamp in Zurich in February on staff A learning community is a sharing one Every year our higher education profession provides its fair share of challenges, successes and struggles.

With Open Educational Resources, opportunities for better and more exciting teaching are being made available, shared in an increasing way. In the Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching Am Februar geht die Inverted Classroom-Konferenz in ihre achte Runde. Rund um das Thema "The next stage" werden Stian will present work-in-progress from the project FROG. Reflektierter Umgang mit Digitalisierung: Hochschulbildung zwischen digitaler Transformation und akademischen Inhalten Der 7.

Teaching and learning in the digital world Digitalisation is omnipresent in discourses about society, work and education. It is an expression that Sie suchen nach digitalen Lerntrends? Digital media in education and research is fundamentally changing use, production and sharing of knowledge. The Swiss Higher Education landscape needs a Videos in higher education are attractive learning materials, but embedding them into learning environments for efficacy and good learning outcome In this online-activity, we will gain further experience with avatar-based virtual reality collaboration and classroom feeling — where we try out some The SIG e-Assessment pursues several goals, such as lobbying for e-assessment and national funding programmes, information hub between people and As already discussed in the previous webinar on eCollaboration: Collaborative learning has been shown as an effective way to develop both the range and Technology is changing society.

The way we live and the jobs we do will never be the same again. In 20 years, the world of work will be unlike anything Teaching Trends Les pouvoirs publics Mal, in diesem Jahr In the 7th edition of this workshop we will focus on the future promotion and implementation of e-portfolios in higher education.

Community of Practice (CoP) success story

For this, we need to ICERI is one of the largest international education conferences for lecturers, researchers, technologists and professionals from the educational sector Hypervideos — or interactive videos — add to the benefits of a traditional video four main features: advanced navigational control, that allows users to In this online-activity, we will experience avatar-based virtual reality collaboration with the meeting tool AltspaceVR.

AltspaceVR offers avatar based This is where professionals EDEN's workshop "Personalised guidance and support for learning" focuses on the crucial and changing roles of teachers in supporting Security awareness is important to help users dealing with digitalisation of their work and private environment. It is a diverse topic that touches The CELDA conference aims to address the main issues concerned with evolving learning processes and supporting pedagogies and applications in the In most universities the use of videos in education is well established.

However, this use is usually limited to the capturing of lectures or the The conference Communities in New Media GeNeMe presents innovative technologies and processes for the organisation, cooperation and communication in Effective use of learning analytics can deliver benefits for students, staff and institutions. This workshop will explore how we can make use of data Blended and online learning: Changing the educational landscape. In European universities three areas of provision emerge: degree education as the The development of Massive Open Online Courses MOOCs is reaching a level of maturity in the higher education area as well as inside the recognition of Sie richtet This is how you start your journey into the use of video in higher education, as I did almost a decade For ALT's 25th Annual Conference we will bring together different critical perspectives in Learning Technology from across our community that will Lernen und Lehren befinden sich in einem tiefgreifenden Wandel.

The goal of SIG e-Portfolio is to share new While technology has spread quickly and disrupted many parts of society, mobile learning is still in its infancy. Mobile learning has to overcome many To master the new challenges generated by digitalisation in higher education, we need new interpersonal and digital skills.

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Handling data and using the First impressions and thoughts Last October, Microsoft released "Windows Mixed Reality", and head-mounted displays are seen more and more Wikimania is the annual conference celebrating all the free knowledge projects with three days of conferences, discussions, meetups, trainings and This conference covers both technical as well as the Im deutschsprachigen Raum existiert mittlerweile eine Vielzahl von Projekten, die sich mit dem Thema freie Bildungsmaterialien in der Hochschullehre Der Fokus des EDULEARN is one of the largest international education conferences for lecturers, researchers, technologists and professionals from the educational The SIG e-Assessment pursues several goals such as lobbying for e-assessment and national funding programmes, information hub between people and The conference focusses on the topic "Navigating between dimensions in the digital landscape".

The programme includes plenaries, parallel It is available for download here: video guide Apart from significant Putting students into the Moodle driver's seat — How StudentQuiz motivates students to share questions to prepare for exams Students like questions to Collaborative learning has been shown as an effective way to develop both the range and depth of student competence.

Participants who work together In this short talk an overview of the latest OER-activities will be given with a special focus on secondary and higher education. First of all, the To master the new challenges generated by digitalisation in higher education we need new interpersonal and digital skills. These are Annotating academic videos While video content seems omnipresent in higher education nowadays, its use is often limited to pure consumption — lacking Since , EPFL offers staff and students the possibility to use G-Suite for editing, sharing and organising documents.

Learning in social networks and Web 2.0 in SMEs' continuing vocational education

We clarified the legal Although blended learning has become a standard teaching method in higher education, institutions and professors alike fall back to asynchronous paper These universities The MOOC phenomenon is growing. How to promote reflection for an interrelated understanding of didactical and disciplinary issues In the following semester students will attend the At the eduhub days , several people contacted us with questions regarding the SWITCHengines service and its use for e-learning. Institutions and Video conferencing has gained some importance in higher education in recent years.

With video conferencing, the learning experience can be extended Over the years, processes have E-portfolios are an amazing tool! They can be used as a learning diary, to reflect on your learning process, and they can at the same time be used as a A newly developed support system for Thesis Writer is in use now. A three year cooperation between writing and e-learning specialists of the Zurich Students like preparatory questions for exams.

Recent technological advances have In days of development, we made Moodle look sexy In this webinar we propose to share our reflections about the MOOC production at EPFL as from , and our findings about their impact on campus based In this webinar we will explore the shifting perspectives and practices in higher education with the application of the 3E Framework for Technology New documents — New interactive and collaborative learning scenarios Today educational technologies bring us a series of new documents, in particular Ever since the launch of MOOCs, globalisation and digitisation have definitely reached higher education.

While the effects can be neglected today, MOOCs Higher education students work with their own personal learning environment PLE. PLE environments can be understood as a technology: platforms where Communication and counseling skills are crucial for Social Work professionals. As Bachelor courses suffer from lack of lecture time, student workload, The individual contexts of learners are important influencing factors for successful learning.

Especially with e-learning services, such as MOOC Anke Hassel WSI. Sumit K. Lodhia University of South Australia Dr. Sebastian Tidemann University of Oldenburg.

Manual Communities of Practice (CoP) in der Lehre (German Edition)

Viktor Bozhinov, Prof. Christopher Koch, Prof. Katrin Scharfenkamp University of Duisburg-Essen. Moderation: Dr. Valentina Franca University of Primorska. Copenhagen Business School Prof. Marc S. Derek C. Jones, Ph. Jeffrey Pliskin, Ph. Abstract, Presentation, PDF.

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Inger M. Hagen, Ph. Moderation: Prof. Gregory Jackson, Ph. Panel 4: Attitudes towards Co-Determination B John T. Addison, Ph. University of South Carolina Prof. Paulino Teixeira, Ph.