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    Ac with The Scriptures were not translated into the languages of Asia Minor, which were probably not written languages, nor even into Latin till a later age. Following the same idea, the author represents the Roman officials in the colonies as more favourable to St. Paul than the magistrates of the ordinary Greek cities. Contrast the account of the conduct of the Greek magistrates at Iconium and Thessalonica who were active against him, or of the Court of the Areopagus at Athens who were contemptuous, with the silence about the action of the Roman magistrates of Pisidian Antioch and Lystra, or the explicit statements about Sergius Paulus, Gallio, Felix, Festus, Claudius Lysias and Julius the centurion, who were more or less fair or friendly.

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    There is no better test than such an inquiry for the detection of a forgery or of a compilation. The principal interest is obviously St. Paul and his mission. To this the preliminary history of the Twelve and of the beginnings of Christianity leads up. The writer emphasizes especially St. Paul was led to Troas, —8 ; and navigation. This last interest cannot but strike the most cursory reader. The voyages and harbours are described minutely and vividly, while the land journeys are only just mentioned. Yet the writer was clearly no professional sailor.

    He describes the drifting in as a zigzag course when it must have been straight; he is surprised at their passing Cyprus on a different side when going westward from that on which they had passed it going eastward , , though that was, and is, the normal course in autumn for sailing vessels Ramsay, St. It has been truly remarked by Ramsay ib. Blass, Salmon, Headlam, Rackham , and a later date 70—80 a. Ramsay, Sanday, Harnack, and most of those who ascribe the book to Luke. Also there is good reason to believe from the Pastoral Epistles, from Ecclesiastical history, and from a priori reasons, that St.

    Galatians [Epistle to the]. On the other hand, it is quite likely that a close companion of St. Paul would be the last to have, as long as he was with him, a copy of his correspondence. It is also thought that Lk must have been written after the taking of Jerusalem, and that a fortiori. Acts must be later; and that the atmosphere of the Flavian period may be detected in it. For an alleged borrowing of Acts from Josephus, and for further remarks on the date, see artt. Luke [Gospel acc.

    To the present writer the earlier date given above seems the more probable. For the last part of the book he was his own informant, or he had access to St. John Mark would tell him of the deliverance of St. Peter and of the mission to. Cyprus — He had perhaps visited the Syrian Antioch, and could get from the leaders of the Church there e. Manaen information about the events which happened there.

    The first five chapters remain. Here he had to depend entirely on others; he may have used written documents similar to those mentioned in Lk , though he may also have questioned those at Jerusalem who had witnessed the events. Blass thinks that Luke here used an Aramaic document by Mark; this is pure conjecture, and it is quite uncertain if Luke knew Aramaic. The Bezan codex. But the Bezan text of Acts is too smooth, and its readings are too often obviously added to ease a rough phrase, for it to be original.

    It is more probable that it represents a revision made in Asia Minor in the 2nd cent. Many scholars, however, think that it preserves a large number of true and authentic readings which have been lost in the other great MSS; but this seems doubtful. Accuracy of Acts. Instances of remarkable accuracy are: a the proconsul in Cyprus , which had only been under the rule of the Senate for a short time when St. Macedonian title , are both attested by inscriptions. Their friendliness to St. Paul is a sure sign of an early date, for the book could only have been written while the Imperial policy was still neutral to Christianity, or at least while the memory of that time was still green.

    Contrast the enmity between Christianity and this Rome worship depicted in Rev , etc. No 2nd cent. Smith of Jordanhill, who sailed over the whole course. Instances of minute accuracy such as those given above show that we have in Acts a history of great importance and one that is most trustworthy.

    The accuracy can only come from the book being a genuine contemporary record.

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    ACUB 1 Es Called Bakbuk , Ezr , Neh ACUD 1 Es Called Akkub , Ezr ; omitted in Neh 7. Aroer of 1 S One of the two wives of Lamech, and mother of Jabal and Jubal Gn , Daughter of Elon, a Hittite, and one of the wives of Esau Gn The maternal grandfather of Josiah, 2 K A Levite, 1 Ch , called Iddo in v. A son of Shimei in v. The son of Jeroham, a priest, and head of a family in Jerusalem, 1 Ch The father of Maaseiah, a captain who helped to overthrow the usurpation of Athaliah, 2 Ch One of the family of Bani, who took a strange wife during the Exile, Ezr Another of a different family of Bani, who had committed the same offence, Ezr A descendant of Judah by Pharez, Neh A Levite of the family of Aaron, Neh ; probably the same as No.

    The most plausible is that which connects it with the Assyr. Edom , Gn , men being of a ruddy colour in the district where the word originated. In a few passages, if the text is sound, the writer slips into the use of Adam as a proper name, but only in —5 does it stand unmistakably for an individual. The creation of man is related twice, —27 P and J.

    The Fall , f. On the Babylonian affinities with the story of Adam, see Creation, Eden. In the Gospels.

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    In Mt —6 Mk —8 Jesus refers to Gn The truer and deeper view of marriage must be based on a morality which takes its stand upon the primeval nature of man and woman. And with His quotation He couples one from Gn see also Eph The same result is reached in Mt. In Lk the ancestry of Jesus is traced up to Adam. As a Gentile writing for Gentiles, St.