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Between Saints and Sinners

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Angelfire Trilogy, Book 3 Forever Man. Her Fake Romance. Forbidden Love. Taking the Gardener. Unexpected Legacy. Spin the Plate. Donna Anastasi Tobias Allen. Archdeacon of Canterbury , England , ordained in Friend of King Henry II. Chancellor of England. Ordained on 2 June and appointed archbishop of Canterbury on 3 June Hereafter, I want you to tell me, candidly and in secret, what people are saying about me. And if you see anything in me that you regard as a fault, feel free to tell me in private. For from now on, people will talk about me, but not to me.

It is dangerous for men in power if no one dares to tell them when they go wrong. For our sake Christ offered himself to the Father upon the altar for the cross. He now looks down from heaven on our actions and secret thoughts, and one day he will give each of us the reward his deeds deserve.

It must therefore be our endeavor to destroy the right of sin and death, and by nurturing faith and uprightness of life, to build up the Church of Christ into a holy temple of the Lord. The harvest is good and one reaper or even several would not suffice to gather all of it into the granary of the Lord. Yet the Roman Church remains the head of all the churches and the source of Catholic teaching. Of this there can be no doubt. Everyone know that the keys of the kingdom of heaven were given to Peter. Upon his faith and teaching the whole fabric of the Church will continue to be built until we all reach full maturity in Christ and attain to unity in faith and knowledge of the Son of God.

Of course many are needed to plant and many to water now that the faith has spread so far and the population become so great. Under him the ministers of Mother Church exercise the powers committed to them, each in his own sphere of responsibility.

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Remember then how our fathers worked out their salvation; remember the sufferings through which the Church has grown, and the storms the ship of Peter has weathered because it has Christ on board. Remember how the crown was attained by those whose sufferings gave new radiance to their faith. The whole company of saints bears witness to the unfailing truth that without real effort no one wins the crown. Grandson of Saint Olga of Kiev. Grand prince of Kiev. Prince of Novgorod in On the death of his father in , he fled to Scandinavia , enlisted help from an uncle, and overcame Yaropolk, another son of Svyatoslav, who had attempted to seize Novgorod and Kiev.

By Vladimir had consolidated the Kievan realm from Ukraine to the Baltic Sea, and had solidified the frontiers against Bulgarian , Baltic, and Eastern nomads. Christianity had made some progress in Kiev, but Vladimir remained pagan , had seven wives, established temples, and participated in idolatrous rites, possibly involving human sacrifice. He was baptized , took the patronal name Basil, then ordered the Christian conversion of Kiev and Novgorod.

Legend says Vladimir chose the Byzantine rite over the liturgies of German Christendom , Judaism, and Islam because of its transcendent beauty; it probably also reflected his determination to remain independent of external political control. Byzantines maintained ecclesiastical control over the new Rus church; the Greek metropolitan for Kiev reported to both the patriarch of Constantinople and of the emperor. Rus-Byzantine religio-political integration checked the influence of the Roman Latin church in the Slavic East, and determined the course of Russian Christianity.

Vladimir expanded education , judicial institutions, and aid to the poor. Following the death of Anne in , another marriage affiliated him with the German Holy Roman emperors. His daughter became the consort of Casimir I the Restorer of Poland.

Pagan officer and body guard at the imperial court of Nicomedia. Adrian was so impressed by the strength and faith shown by persecuted Christians that he declared himself a Christian , though he had not even been baptized. He was immediately arrested and tortured. He and fellow prisoners were tended by his wife, Saint Natalia until they were executed. Brother of Saint Ebbe the Elder. Nephew of Saint Ethelreda. When his father was killed in battle when Oswald was eleven years old, his mother fled with the family for the court of King Eochaid Buide at Dunadd in modern Scotland.

There he converted to Christianity. Educated at the Iona Abbey with his brother Oswiu. Soldier ; known to have fought at the Battle of Fid Eoin in In the 's he was sent to the UK as the supervisor of the team that introduced electric locomotives to the Rhodesian Railways.

He later joined Brush where he remained until his retirement in Robert Simmons passed away in his sleep on the 7 February He was the first deaf person in South Africa to matriculate and the first deaf person to obtain a university degree without an interpreter. While employed at Wits he lectured in anatomy to students in the medical, speech pathology and audiology fields. Sheila Spitz BA died in Jerusalem in , aged Born 30 January , Spitz completed an undergraduate degree in history and economics.

She was involved in charities locally and in Israel. At Wits he was appointed to research Local Government. Copper le May recruited him to lecture in the Department of Political Science. After his retirement from Wits he spent 15 years writing book reviews for the Financial Mail, and then worked for Van Hulsteyns as a part-time conveyancer. He was a scholar, a gentleman, and a much loved friend.

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Ellison Kahn passed away on Saturday, 13 October , after a period of severe illness. He served in various capacities at Wits including as the Dean of the Faculty of Law, as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University and as the longstanding chairperson of the Constitution Committee. His outstanding academic record led to his appointment as the editor of the South African Law Journal in which capacity he served for more than 30 years. A stalwart in the School of Accounting in the sixties, King was a sympathetic lecturer to his first and second year students.

He read prodigiously well beyond his subject area and was known for his exceptional friendliness and sympathy. His son is an accountancy alumnus and his grandson a student in the same field.

Craig was born in Johannesburg on 23 December He matriculated from Greenside High School in He studied civil engineering at Wits aided by a university scholarship and a bursary from Arup. He was awarded the Jere Jenkins prize for the top student in first year. He graduated from Wits in and began his career at Arup. At the end of he went on a camping holiday around the wild coast and had arrived at his final destination, Port St Johns.

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On 2 January he visited the blowhole at the gap with his friends accompanied by a municipal guide. He was lost trying to save the life of the guide who had fallen down the blowhole. A legendary headmaster, the "Boss" as he was affectionately known, was highly respected and well-liked. He was a passionate and committed educator, reflected in his comment in the school magazine: Send us only those children who want to come to boarding school in general and to Capricorn in particular and help us make them happy and proud to remain here and we shall do the rest. Harman's attitude to teaching was again exemplified in when the commented in that year's school magazine that, To be in the hurly-burly or school life, to watch growth of all kinds; these are what makes teaching worthwhile.