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Send us feedback. Explore the year a word first appeared Dictionary Entries near aura au poivre aur aur- aura aural aural harmonic auramine Statistics for aura Last Updated 25 Oct Look-up Popularity Time Traveler for aura The first known use of aura was in See more words from the same year Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for aura aura. The aura may be a pulsing star of light, or a dance of geometric forms across the visual field, sometimes turning into hallucinations … — Natalie Angier , The New York Times , 14 Sept.

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Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. We have not yet had time to refactor the codebase into a set of Web Components per the last periodic update , but are still interested in doing this.

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If you are interested in taking over core maintenance of the project please feel free to get in touch. We first started AuraJS two years ago and have evolved it over time with the help of engineers at Hull. Today is is an excellent reference framework for how to structure a large-scale application with many of the core patterns necessary to build a system of decoupled modules that cleanly speak to each other. Two years on, the maintainers of AuraJS agree that the future of decoupled, scalable applications lie in Web Components - a set of standards composed of Custom Elements, Templates, Imports and ShadowDOM, aimed at offering a way to build encapsulated components using features found in the browser.

To this end, our efforts on AuraJS moving forward will be focused on how it can help enable patterns for scalability in applications built with Web Components using polyfills and libraries such as Polymer. This may take the form of several Aura 'elements' that can be easily included and reused in large projects.

Developers using AuraJS 0. We are more than happy to accept any contributions that meet our guidelines and will be reviewing the issue tracker for this version as time allows. Our team are excited about the future direction of the project and look forward to announcing more news about our work here in the future.

We've seen a large shift in the JavaScript community for the past 3 years, with people starting to write web apps in a much more structured way.

Yet, assembling the bits and pieces and actually starting to make apps is still a challenge. Another challenge is that most of the time you end up doing the same stuff all over again : you need a way to authenticate users, give them ways to communicate, exchange ideas, work or play together.

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  • The web development ecosystem is all about much more low level stuff. We need a way to package higher level abstractions and make them truly reusable, and that's what Aura is all about. Its responsibilities are to load extensions when the app starts and clean them up when the app stops.

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    Extensions are loaded in your application when it starts. They allow you to add features to the application, and are available to the components through their sandbox. The core implements aliases for DOM manipulation, templating and other lower-level utilities that pipe back to a library of choice. Aliases allow switching libraries with minimum impact on your application.

    A sandbox is just a way to implement the facade pattern on top of features provided by core. It lets you expose the parts of a JavaScript library that are safe to use instead of exposing the entire API. This is particularly useful when working in teams. When your app starts, it will create an instance of sandbox in each of your components. A component represents a unit of a page. Each component is independent. This means that they know nothing about each other. The simplest usable Aura app using a component and extension can be found in our boilerplate repo. We do however recommend reading the rest of the getting started guide below to get acquainted with the general workflow.

    This starts the app by saying that it should search for components anywhere in the body of your HTML document. Let's say we want to create a "hello" component. Imagine that we need an helper to reverse a string. In order to accomplish that we'll need to create an extension. The Aura Mediator allows components to communicate with each other by subscribing, unsubscribing and emitting sandboxed event notifications. The signatures for these three methods are:.

    Below we can see an example of a Backbone view using the Mediator to emit a notification when tasks have been cleared and subscribing to changes from tasks. Whether mobile power or vibration damping, Aura's proven technologies offer ready solutions that routinely astound. No gimmicks. No compromises.

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    Just well-engineered and proven solutions that have been deployed in more than 20 countries worldwide. With practically limitless applications, Aura's technology can be employed sucessfully in a wide variety of industries including:. Precision Actuators Stabilization technology with revolutionary applications.