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Energetic protection offers you a feeling of security and safety, allowing you to move through the world without being affected by unwanted, low vibrational energy. For your Home or Office. Place black tourmaline outside your home or office, either side of any entryway. Place black kyanite, selenite and tourmalinated quartz on the windowsill of any room that needs extra protection.

Cleanse your crystals weekly see opposite and put them back in place. For on-the-go protection. Holding your black kyanite in your dominant hand, use it to draw a circle around your body to set a strong boundary. Carry black tourmaline and lapis lazuli with you throughout the day. Get rich. Dissolving mental and emotional blocks will free you from financial fear.

Use these crystals to set yourself up for wealth. Holding your iolite, ask yourself: how do I self-sabotage my money? What are my limiting beliefs when it comes to money? Be completely honest with yourself. Hold your pyrite and look at it.

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Ask yourself: if I were to change those behaviours, what could I do today? Place your stones in your purse or wallet. Every time you pay for something, be reminded of your intention. Strengthen willpower. With willpower, you have the ability to stay on track with your goals. Identify what you want to have more willpower with eg, establishing a new habit. Bring to mind any thoughts, beliefs or actions that hold you back from what you want to achieve. With your black kyanite in your dominant hand, move the crystal in a slicing motion approximately five inches in front of your forehead and cut the thought away three times.

Repeat two more times. If you feel your willpower weaken, squeeze your crystals. Crystals work best when they are cleansed because, over time, they absorb and accumulate energy from their environment. There are four simple ways to cleanse your crystals…. Burns off old energy and refills your crystal with vibrancy and light. Place your crystal outside in the light of the sun for four hours or more. This is when the moon is at its brightest, and bathing your crystals under it restores them to their most lustrous form. Place your crystal outside under the light of the full moon for four hours or more.

Breaks up any stuck or stored energy and restores harmony. Immerse your crystal in the smoke of burning sage for at least 30 seconds. This carries away any low vibrational energy stored in the crystal.

Be healthier. Maintaining your health, or healing from a health challenge, is a daily commitment, and one that takes a huge amount of physical and mental determination. The following crystals will support your journey. Lie on your back and place your crystals accordingly:. Set a timer for five to 11 minutes and breathe deeply. During this time, visualise every cell of your being in radiant health.

Citrine helps you choose to be happy. Tuning in to your happiness is like standing in the sun; citrine emits a frequency that connects you with that light, happy feeling and infuses you with joy.

When you feel stuck, citrine can shine a light to burn away darkness in your life. It reminds you to tap into your happiness anywhere, anytime.

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Cars honking all around you? Kids screaming? Inbox overflowing? Amethyst reconnects you to calmness, helping you find inner peace. With its relaxing energies, it guides you to turn inward so you can get back to a state of equilibrium, purifying your mind of worry and day-to-day stresses. The lucky charm: Aventurine. Being lucky requires seizing an opportunity. For clarity when you feel lost, unsure, foggy and misguided. Clear quartz helps by clearing your mind and bringing to light your authentic desires.

Helps you attract wealth and empowers you to see your worth so that you can manifest more money into your life. Pyrite encourages you to be confident and focused so you are able to create the wealth you desire. Money may not arrive as a pay cheque but in unexpected ways.

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The health hero: Turquoise. If taking care of yourself has fallen down your to-do list, this will bring it back to the top. Heal, renew, regenerate; this is the never-ending cycle of turquoise energy. It is a programmable stone that allows you to set specific intentions when you want to create new, healthier habits. The cheerleader: Labradorite. Labradorite calls on you to embrace your limitless potential and think big. It compels you to recognise your strengths in ways you had underestimated.

People who have read the book say that Salzberg does a great job of explaining the benefits and the science behind meditation. They also agree that she offers practical advice that eliminates the frustration many people can experience when learning to meditate for the first time. Transcendental meditation is one of the most widely-practiced forms. It involves sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and repeating a silent mantra in your mind.

Experts recommend that people practice transcendental meditation for 20 minutes twice a day. In "Strength in Stillness," Bob Roth—who has taught the practice to thousands of people including CEOs, celebrities, and inner-city youth—helps explain the benefits. However, the book does do a good job of explaining why someone should start the practice. Not only does "Meditation for Beginners" walks you through the history and benefits of meditation, but the book also teaches readers about multiple forms, from guided to prayer meditation.

Most importantly, readers put down the book with a clear understanding of how to prepare for and practice meditation daily.

Convinced that meditation is too good to be true? One person also mentions that the author delivers his advice in a down-to-earth way. In "Meditation from the Mat," author and acclaimed yoga teacher Rolf Gates explores the mindfulness-based aspects of yoga and provides daily reflections that can be used during yoga as well as other times of day.

The book contains short practices, allowing the reader to practice mindfulness every day of the year. A Grief Observed. Anthony de Mello. God's Little Book of Peace. The Bad Christian's Manifesto. Dave Tomlinson. Your review has been submitted successfully.

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